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  1. Does anybody know why Brinni hates HIAM?

    I never enjoyed HIAM. It's so blahh and Britney never seemed to be into anything from that time period (although she seems to like TTWE decently). I like Pretty Girls though, so my taste is questionable at times
  2. Omg I'm meeting Britney tonight!!!!

    Happy birthday!!! Enjoy yourself!!!
  3. Does anybody know why Brinni hates HIAM?

    This Also, let's be real. If it was in POM everyone here would be saying she ruined a 'flawless' song with the lack of cheoreo, bad costumes, hairflips, etc. It's probably a good thing it's not included
  4. P!nk Says She And Christina Aguilera Have Made Amends

    I guess I'm rip van winkle, I have never seen a Pink music video and have no desire too...
  5. Yep pretty much! It's so ridiculous, what drives me crazy is that people from both sides go out an vandalize, to make it look like the opposite side did it! It's disgusting, when did America be one such a big group of babies? Idiocracy is real! Edit- and yes, our politicians need to start being held responsible. Politics has become a major Freakshow and is bought and sold to the masses as nothing more than another form of entertainment I feel like. It's so sad.
  6. Kesha's 'Rainbow' Is On Track To Debut At No. 1

    Me too I went away with a friend last night and he was getting annoyed cause it kept replaying the whole drive, so on the way back today I turned the radio on. As soon as I dropped his flop ass off, this sh!t went right back on full blast
  7. I can't believe in 2017 were even having this discussion, and the thing that sucks the most is that I can't stand either the far right or the far left. Both sides are bad in they're own ways. I really don't understand why it's so difficult for people to just stay in their own lanes and focus on bettering they're own lives. Why feel the need to drag others down? What are they hoping to accomplish with all the hate? Waiting for my spaceship to come take me away.....
  8. The Positivity Thread

    @LostInAnImage flawless name btw, quoting one of her best songs ever the positivity is so needed! I've been connecting with my spiritual self again lately after its taken a back seat in my life for so long and am again realizing how important it is. We focus on so much negative in every aspect of this existence but seem to forget that there is always a positive to balance it all out. If people always look towards the negative, it's what we will eventually found ourselves surrounded in. So I'm super happy that everyone enjoyed this thread, even though it has kinda flopped since moving to general. I wish the mods would've kept it in the Britney section but I get that the convos got derailed. But the plus side is that just means we all have a lot in our lives we really are grateful for
  9. other fanbases can't say britney is flop

    Fixed that for you
  10. other fanbases can't say britney is flop

    but I agree, I don't think Brit's a flop. She's slowed down on her career for sure, and maybe the Army isn't as big as it once was but she's still going pretty strong I think. Things could always be worse!
  11. The Positivity Thread

    After a few brief exchanges with @ShowdownITZ and @fucknfurter in another thread, I've just thought about how much negativity there is flying around here all the time. Fights, insults and dragging within so many threads, so I had the idea to make a positivity thread Say something positivity about Britney and/or another member! I'll start. I've been down lately, between family drama and my romantic life. Britney's music always makes me feel better, and she has so many songs that there's always one that can relate to how I'm feeling in the moment, wether that be happy or sad. Her songs have helped me get through some really tough times in the past, and continue to do so. Her music feels like I have a friend by my side, even when the world seems to be against me. And for that I am super grateful! So, who's next? Remember, positivity only! Let's leave the negativity out of it!