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  1. Lmao! I didn't bother cause I knew half of the forum would. Surprised nobody made a 'OMG it's real!!!!!' Thread to f**k with everyone lmao
  2. Okay, fess up. How many of ya'll checked iTunes and YouTube?
  3. People have been having them all week lol at this point were all just trolling eachother
  4. So many users on this late, this isn't normal
  5. Chaoscontrol

    exhale What If

    PG is a bop, I won't complain
  6. Chaoscontrol

    exhale What If

    All I know is that we're all gonna absolutely die if a new song is released This is giving me Y2K countdown teas
  7. I think he's such a cutie super adorable ngl
  8. Wasn't there some weird trench coat the was floating around here a week ago rumored to be in the video? With like Marylyn Monroe on it? would that be considered 'high fashion'?