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  1. Have we figured out the connection between the fashion line and the apple emojis? Or did our gal just like the emoji's and spam her IG with them?
  2. Some Girl Rushed Camila Cabello On Stage: Watch

    The video was kinda anti-climactic
  3. Britney's Outta This World Appreciation!

    Now THIS is something I can show some appreciation for! Outta This World is a flawless track and a hidden gem among her discography! #caseclosed
  4. Trump examining border wall prototypes- thoughts??

    This actually a really cool idea!! I like it!
  5. I love clumsy

    Ayyyyy Clumsy!
  6. The standard edition of the critically acclaimed Britney Jean only had 10. Always reminding us that Quality > Quantity
  7. A question for Exhale...

  8. I kinda agree, it's just an unnecessary amount. That being said, the shoot looks pretty awesome. Kinda bummed it's not music related, but the photoshoot itself looks pretty sweet!
  9. Would Coupure Électrique have...

    It would've flopped so hard, bubbling under wouldn't have even given it the time of day Despite everything, Make Me was the perfect lead single for the album imo

    Poor OP, the thread is titled 'Britney Jean Appreciation' and we all still came to drag the album Sorry OP

    This. when I first heard it, I felt it was a little mediocre, and her vocals were just heavily edited. I still could've enjoyed some of the tracks though. After the Myah scandal though, I can never look at it the same way. It's a joke of a Britney Spears album and a stain on her discography. Not being personal is one thing, but to have a ghost singer? Ehhhh. Sone tracks are good, I love Alien and Hold on Tite and the Perfume mix. Tik Tik Boom is a bop and idc what anyone says, but the rest of the songs are either bad, boring, or both.
  12. What's Britney's most covered song?

    Body Ache
  13. A question for Exhale...

  14. Britney lyrics for a neon sign?

    Or you can get the BJ logo, it kinda looks neonish on the album cover