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  1. LOVE state of grace! Such an underrated gem even among the fan base. You're right it really is mystical!
  2. I'm pissed

    I'm so sorry that is absolutely terrible. I would be pissed too
  3. A Grindr story to exhalle

    I like Alien thank you very much!
  4. Anyone else notice similar themes in her songs?

    I have to confess, I never even knew that's what she said there love it even more now
  5. Anyone else notice similar themes in her songs?

    Perfect lover is about anal?
  6. Hi y’all

    This is so me @Urbanney breakups suck, was it mutual or did one of you end it? Either way take care of yourself self love is always important to remember especially at times like these.
  7. What Tours Have You Been To?

    I've seen Mayday Parade, Story of the Year, Cartel, Breaking Benjamin, Starset, Incubus, and Kesha twice. I've seen other bands, I just don't remember. They were joint tours with some of the bands listed above, and I was rather drunk for most of the earlier ones so I don't really remember Breaking Benjamin and Kesha were easily the best. Cartel and Incubus were amazing as well. I enjoyed most of them honestly. Still need to see Britney and then I will have seen all of my favorite artists live at least once
  8. WTF is this? LOL

    So messed up, but I can't lie I did kinda laugh at the butt crack part tasteless, I know.
  9. A Grindr story to exhalle

    I'm dead
  10. I LOVE this idea. I know it'll probably never happen but I want an EP with remastered rock versions of her old tracks. I want the new rock/country vibe she's been going with, give me studio versions from the FTW tour with some of the old stuff. 1. Tik Tok 2. We R Who We R 3. Blow 4. Your Love Is My Drug 5. Take It Off 6. Timber 7. New Song 8. New Song I would be living for this I don't know if I could justify spending more money on a Deluxe version if it was just for 2 extra songs. But an EP with re-done classics? I'd be all over it.
  11. What If B10's lead single

    I LOVE Shadow! Totally underrated, and it hits home with me so maybe I'm biased. As a lead single though? like @Million Billion said, save it for a 3rd or 4th. It would flop harder than SP and Perfume
  12. I agree with most everything, it is sad that the person defending himself would get in more trouble, but sometimes that's worth it for some people. Like you said, bullies aren't going to just leave someone alone because the person tells them too. As far as the lack of privacy thing, society has brought that upon ourselves and only we can change that.
  13. @BrittonJeanSpears I saw something about the fake page on Instagram and just gave up looking into it. It's too messy at this point for me, but I'll keep checking this thread for updates
  14. If U Seek Amy or Up N Down?

    I was wondering how I could combine them! Flawless job my friend I love em both, Up N Down is a freakin BOP though!!