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  1. Not being childish - you stated that Japan got the news first, which is of course false. No childish behaviour here, just facts.
  2. Oh yeh, I remember... Well, it was fun whilst it lasted!
  3. HAHA lol. Thinking about it, where the f**k did Apple Pie first start?
  4. Exactly. Just because Japan has an earlier time doesn't mean they are in the future and get the news first
  5. I am not expecting anything. I know nothing is coming... And by the way, Japan does not receive the news before the USA. They receive it at the same time when Team B decides to announce it.
  6. It's not the 22nd in the US yet, and that's where Britney is...
  7. Agreed! We have a lot to look forward to over these next few months
  8. Well, the publicist may not have been speaking about Britney...
  9. True... Oh well it isnt that bad I am totally fine
  10. I am not saying the single is coming, but it just aint the 22nd yet
  11. Bxnes

    music She really did upload a new video

    Can someone translate what the caption says? Apparently, this is fake tho...
  12. Yes it most likely isn’t but we have no idea that it may not come on Friday! There are so many rumours going around at the moment that it is hard to keep up! Personally I still don’t think it will come, but you never know!
  13. Totally agree to be honest! Lets wait and see
  14. People said it was POM yesterday... Its very odd!
  15. It may be that top secret tho that the radio can’t talk about it! Most likely nothing is coming but it’s good to discuss this!
  16. Let’s get him talkin! you better get in here now and explain yourself
  17. @burnsyou’re friend has some explaining to do... You better get some info here before some people have a nervous break down!
  18. This is what I don’t understand... If you know something why keep it to yourself? Especially on this forum! So pointless
  19. I’ll support that account until the 22nd but if nothing is released then well... Let’s hope for Apple Pie to come and say Felicia Bye to all the songs on the charts!
  20. How in what way has this confirmed he’s lying??