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    1. Britney rings in 2018 with TWO performances on d*ck Clarks New Years Eve Show: 
    2. Britney announces Piece of Me Tour: Europe + North America:
    3. Britney and Kenzo to team up for Spring/Summer collection!  https://www.dailystar.co.uk/showbiz/687617/Britney-Spears-Instagram-Secret-Project-Kenzo-pics-leak

    This thread is dedicated to everything Britney in 2018. Feel free to lemme know how and what I should update it with! :sendinglove:

    (will update thread as more things happen)

  1. 1 minute ago, sue the expectional earner said:

    sis, we wish :snarky: but she is lazy as f**k and her team is trash as f**k so i'm thankful for this kenzo thing. she needs new style, new look, new ideas. or she'll always be flop.

    When she has something she is focused properly on she is committed. Let’s wait and see..... again :cackling: