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  1. 1 hour ago, ITZFFGL said:

    The account tweeted “oh we knew about the Pitbull song for months” or something after Pitbull announced the collab, with no mention or alluding to it beforehand in any of his “tea” - just makes the account seem a bit less credible but I’m with you: until June 22 passes, no big deal. 

    I’ll support that account until the 22nd but if nothing is released then well...

    Let’s hope for Apple Pie to come and say Felicia Bye to all the songs on the charts! :pumped:


  2. 1 hour ago, hey over there said:

    We have no proof of any single this week

    Ok so we have a something that was filmed over 3 weeks ago now and that is how long a video takes too edit.

    Numerous credible insiders have said yes it's coming! 

    The thing is you can look forward to something and then if it turns out to be fake you just move on. 

    I am hyped for Friday and if it's not gonna happen then that's fine. 

    The negativity is rife in here today... :tiffeyeroll: