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  1. Republicanney

    So because Harvey Weinstein was a Democratic Party supporter and endorser it automatically makes you a sexual predator! Just saying Doesn’t make any sense...
  2. Republicanney

    Yes!!! Speak it!!! Someone who understands
  3. Republicanney

    Yeh whatever way she goes left or right we still have to love her
  4. Republicanney

    At the end of the day it’s her opinion. Personally I feel her team put that hashtag in to make her gain popularity from the Hilary supporters or gain media attention, but her father wasn’t happy about it maybe?
  5. Republicanney

    Well I think she might be now - she seemed passionate on the “Dreamers” program or whatever you call it when she posted that thing on Instagram. Plus she met with Hilary during the run up to the election, so I think she most likely is now
  6. Republicanney

    How do we know she doesn’t vote? Also, if she did vote for Trump that’s her opinion and her vote to do so. You should never hate or have disrespect for someone who votes differently to you. That’s where all the problems are at, at the moment... Don’t downvote me, just my opinion Edit: I know you said that you wouldn’t hate her if she did, but I know for well some people would and it’s wrong
  7. Doesn't even look like Britney aha Also, I looked up Jane Doe from TMZ and could not find anything!
  8. I know we shouldn't believe it but let's discuss! This person has been right many times so I kind of believe them! Discuss!!