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  1. No, her team was doing on purpose that to help her album sales. It was done to push people to buy the whole thing instead of just the song they liked. If (You Drive me)Crazy was released as a physical CD, it would have gone #1 instead of peaking at #10, but BOMT the album would have ended up with 13M sales in the US instead of 14M (for example). It was a smart move but because of this, a lot of her songs have tragic peaks/chart runs on the Hot 100 and people like u use it to drag her. as if "Lucky" (#23 peak) wasn't a popular tune that any kid/teen/young adult from 2000 would recognize. Tommy Motolla sure came through with those payola checks for JLo. Smart bitch
  2. You didn't get my point. There is a clear link between hits and album sales. Hits DRIVE album sales. If JLo has bigger hits than Britney then why does she have much less album sales than her? Even in Latin america where JLo is supposed to have the advantage? Get Right was most definitely not a hit in the US. They tried to save it with that urban remix but it still ended up peaking at #12. Globally it was only the 19th biggest song of 2005. http://www.mediatraffic.de/tracks-2005.htm I see u saying that JLO has bigger hits than Britney yet for example In the Zone's THIRD single was #13 on the same chart for 2004. http://www.mediatraffic.de/tracks-2004.htm I'm guessing that the "deep and different" conversation about Asia is relatred to racism and their "appreciation" for white features ect? Well just let it be known that the most successful artists of all time in Asia are are black/Poc: Michael, Mariah, Whitney... you name them. R&B music/Black music is HUGE in Japan. It was one of Janet's biggest music markets. South Korea too. JLo is a great performer and deserves a residency and a tour, yes. I don't think anyone is denying this. She also has several worldwide hits. However... Britney's career in music is miles bigger, there's no way around it. JLo probably had a similar stardom/celebrity power and tabloid presence to Britney in her career but the 2 just don't compare in music sales/hits ect. They're both flops and globally irrelevant in 2017 so I'm not sure what's the point of comparing them currently. lol
  3. First of all, u can't compare the performance of Britney's early 2000s singles in the US to any of her peers'. She didn't have any commercial CD releases outside of Bomt and Stronger. Her singles charted on airplay alone. Why do u think Toxic peaked at only #9 despite being #1 on pop radio for 4 weeks straight? It had 0 sales counting for the Hot 100. All of its 2,3m sales in the US are digital copies which Billboard didn't count on their chart until late 2004 when Toxic was done charting. Same thing for Oops. (You Drive Me) Crazy would also have been a #1 if it had a CD. She missed on many top 10s because of this. Britney's chart peaks before the digital era quite simply don't reflect their true popularity at the time. Yeah JLo was played on Urban radios unlike Britney back in the day. Good for her. but is it really worth bragging about when Sony Music BMG was found guilty of radio payola in 2005? http://www.mtv.com/news/1506321/sony-bmg-apologizes-for-payola-involving-j-lo-avril-good-charlotte-others/ This unfortunately takes away a lot from the authenticity of her hits and it would also explain why her huge chart hits from that time have such low recurrent streams on Youtube/Spotify. they weren't very organic. I mean for example... 4 weeks hit #1 "All I Have" - 76,490m views on Youtube Bubbling Under Hot 100 hit (aka didn't chart on the Hot 100) "I'm Not a Girl Not Yet a Woman" - 76,736m views Britney might not have had urban crossover appeal in the US like her, but that doesn't mean she only appealed to white people. You forget there's a world outside the US... Britney was a major force in Asia unlike JLo for example. She's big with more than just one race. Also I don't know why you mentioned the UK. I'm guessing it's because u were trying to make the point that JLo is not local to the US. yes of course. But just let it be known that Britney has 23 UK Top 10s. She would have a similar amount in the US if her CDs were released for purchase regularly in 1999-2004.
  4. On the Floor is bigger than any Britney single this decade by miles. correct. however this is simply not true. JLo's music career took a huge hit after "This Is Me... Then" (the era ended in August 2003) and she suffered a long irrelevancy period stretching from the mid 2000s up to On the Floor's release in 2011. i mean her 2005 album Rebirth did not even scan platinum despite the favorable sales climate (she hasn't had one since rebirth failed anyways) and "Brave" released in 2007 debuted outside the top 10 with like 50k sales. during that period (2003-2011), Britney amassed many hits and platinum certifications. i know you like talking from the US perspective of Black/White but britney songs typically have a bigger global reach than JLo songs and it shows well in their album sales. Britney is way bigger in Asian communities (especially Japan and South Korea) and even in Latin america, where you would expect Jlo to be bigger, Britney has the better stats. so i wouldn't say Jlo's songs have a more diverse audience.
  5. Britney, wtf girl?

    She answered two questions in one tweet.