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  1. You guys complain about the radio ban and radio not being very supportive of Britney in general but at the same time you're shocked that she's below pop radio monsters like Rihanna, Katy Perry and Maroon 5 on this ranking? huh
  2. Wow all these gems S&M and Work bitch make me and @satanic cheri candy lotion wanna get up and dance they're amazing tbh @Lilith @danny1994 and @Shadow. told me they feel so good and happy and motivated when they hear Scream & Shout and Love me down Womanizer is her best song period
  3. I honestly don't think Lana has sat and listened to a Britney album post-Blackout so she isn't missing any gems tbh She wouldn't find much on Circus, let alone Femme Fatale, Britney Jean ect.
  4. You mean Toxic 3.0 Britney already released Toxic 2.0 (Womanizer)
  5. Well first of all it's her best song and she has yet to top it. So don't expect the answer to change sweetie. I'd be actually disappointed if she said something like Lucky or Oops I Did It Again.
  6. She went on Instagram Live a couple of hours ago and someone asked her about her favourite Britney song. She said Toxic.
  7. It's a chart based on Pop radio performance. And it only counts from 1992 and up (aka when the chart was created). Surprised to see Britney at #6 considering a lot of her eras (Britney, Blackout, Britney Jean, Glory) bombed on pop radio and radio in general.
  8. Why did Taylor copy Britney?

    do you ever take a break from being extremely delusional?