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  1. U really thought u were going to shut me down with some basic ass maths, right? Well u didn't because thankfully I actually go to school. Look at how u resorted to ignoring my post and replied with a gif because u couldn't come back. Typical. Yes u have other things to do... that no one is looking forward to. Like who wants to change a kid's diapers?
  2. U know that calculating an average means sh!t right? From August 2nd to September 04th it was last year's vacation and Britney was active, releasing an album, performed on award shows ect. Most of the posts are from that period. The average doesnt reflect that. Calculating an average doesn't mean I spent all my day here. I can post a lot during a specific hour of the day and then log off, which raises the average u're calculating. And it doesn't interfer with my studies. So BB!!! come up with maths of higher level because this elementary school maths ain't cutting it.
  3. What pictures? I don't see anything. I assume u made some funny graphics comparing my posting rate to urs. Except it doesn't prove whether I post continuously or post a lot at a certain time of the day. Your basic maths aren't enough. Do better
  4. Back to assuming things after u called me out for allegedly doing the same thing U are a joke. What are you getting school accolades for when you suck so much at logic?
  5. Oh yeah I'm sure u didn't mean it specifically about it and u aren't backtracking on ur shade. Sure. I believe u. And obviously since u challenged people for receipts u care about Sam and he's not just a boytoy for u like u claimed. When are u stopping all these contradictions? When will u get it through ur thick head that not everyone has to be an old hag with kids like u to have a life? I finished university, passed a contest and I'm on vacation now. Why wouldn't I spend time on Britney's forum? U look quite frankly pathetic acting like u're the only one who's studying and getting accolades and no one else is. Like shut the f**k up already. I see that you have ignored most of the points I addressed in my post. Like the part where I called u out for assuming things about me after u gave me sh!t for "assuming things about u" (i didn't). And u're back at it with this new sh!t post of yours.
  6. but nowhere did i say Britney is full of herself?
  7. What is new is Britney having lazy as her standard mode. A mode that she never gets out of
  8. @Dirty Boy @Kiiddy what's up Do u know Halsey now?
  9. I'm dying they were really defending Halshit and praising her music in this thread
  10. @OutrageousMoi how dare you Shame on you for fooling us all this time Which forum are u from? Gaga daily? Beyhive daily?
  11. @OutrageousMoi is a hater too? My girl @bellgirl and i aren't safe
  12. The haters are out to get this legend, what are we going to do bellgirl, we're the only Britney fans on this forum, we need to defend our queen from the pressed haters
  13. Imagine going from releasing Janet-inspired records to taking inspiration from Selena gomez