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  1. wait i just remembered what an anime is oops
  2. i don't remember that that anime quite well. is it the blue thing or the other one
  3. this is victoria justice from nickolodeon right
  4. interesting. Not sure if this tweets sells it for me that Xtina is the artist she likes the most (imo that's Janet) but it's clear she likes Christina a lot. Hero is a big word yes. dying at the drag above btw. that bitch in particular deserves it
  5. i have trouble browsing the forum, can you post it against please? What does she mean by hero? For example, janet and britney's influence on her are evident, especially performing wise. xtina not so much. I would have never guessed she looked up to her. Tinashe has videos of her dancing to britney's music (womanizer+a few days ago Overprotected) and a history of tweets about her. But i've never seen her acknowledging x. I'm surprised. but back to the main point, it's not only talentless acts like Selena gomez who acknowledge Britney. There are also talented acts. but it's obviously not the current britney that impacted them
  6. I thought you weren't serious with the xtina thing. are you sure The girl has always expressed that she was a big fan of Janet and britney. never seen her name being associated with xtina
  7. have you honestly never acknowledged as a big and successful popstar or heard of her before Waka Waka? Or were you trolling? as a child, i identified Shakira before Britney. objection tango video. i remember it like yesterday.
  8. I wouldn't say Shakira has been at the top since 2002 (she's had low points like She wolf) But what I bolded is extremely delusional. Her breakthrough hit, Whenever Wherever was an inescapable global hit and carried the smash album Laundry Service which sold 12,700,000 copies La Tortura, a huge global hit (with a 4M selling album) Hips don't lie was another huge global hit (with a 5M selling album) Underneath you clothes, Objection are also hits. She had a flop moment with She wolf but she bounced back with a successful album and tour, Sal el sole The 2010s have been kinder to her than Britney. She's a streaming staple and definitely sparks more interest than Britney in 2017
  9. why are people still paying attention to cappycorn87 when his answer to this: was this:
  10. if her tweet directly went on to congratulate mary on her album i don't think there would be a problem. But she introduced her tweet by only acknowledging that Mary was on the cover with her. she has solo pictures with mary. she could have avoided the weird atmosphere around her tweet. it comes off as shady. but i guess she didn't realize it.
  11. ah yes. JLo worked with the legendary Janet Jackson and was her backup dancer. Just goes to show how great JLo is at dancing and entertaining.
  12. you think Make Me was a hit. you think Glory did fine. you think Make Me was a hit on iTunes. you think Britney is still relevant. you think the public is still here for Britney. you think Work bitch was a hit. you think Britney Jean sold well. you made threads applauding Slumber party's performance on the radio. you think Britney's career is going fine. and now you are coming for people calling them slow. Cappycorn87 should not be coming for people and calling them slow. Cappycorn87 should stay in his lane.
  13. the only bit that is relevant to the thread you're free to make a thread about Jlo's sh!t discography in the general section.