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  1. I like the artwork so much. This ramen cafe seems to come out of nowhere but just the thought of it is iconic. I want to see the menu, I'm so curious.
  2. It's the society we live in. Nick Jonas had a bulge at the VMA's in 2016, people were calling him daddy online. The same thing goes for Justin Bieber and every male performer, the fewer clothes they have on, the more people are praising them. A woman does the same she gets called a slut. 5H "He Like That" video was called out by so many people for being too racy. The media and people are hypocrites.
  3. That's exactly it! They made a big deal about it, people didn't really care at first but they talked about it so much that I feel like she performed topless for 10 minutes.
  4. Their album is fire and I really like the group now that Camilla is not in it anymore. But the flopping of the band now is because of their management, they always put Camilla in the center when she was in, they made her the leader. So when you lose the "leader" everything gets complicated. The team just get their payback
  5. This is so dumb, I can't. When you think about it, it was a freaking nipple. They didn't have sex on stage, it was just a nipple. The backlash Janet had was 100 times worse than this little clause he had to sign.
  6. Pink is better off without it anyway. She made her way literally alone being "the" underdog of the early 00's Pop Era and she's still kicking asses today. And maybe MJB was big back then but if you say her name to some people today, a lot won't know a song of hers instantly. I'm not even hating, it's the truth.