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    Seel reacted to Spongbob in Sam wants to marry britney   
    This rumor comes around every 6 months 
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    Seel reacted to I Always Sing Live in Does Britney Need Max Martin?   
    exactly.. tbh, who cares if she flops, she's had a great career and sooner or later she's gonna have to let go anyway.. it's better to go out with grace and self respect than to desperately latch onto every new trend in an attempt to salvage what's left of your career.. she's been doing the same thing for 20 years, I want something new, something raw and something mature.. I want her to show another side of her that she's never shown.. I'm tired of Britney the sex kitten, she's 36, IT'S SO TIRED AND BORING..  
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    Seel reacted to ATWK in Does Britney Need Max Martin?   
    No, she does NOT and I'm sick of seeing some idiots saying that she does. 
    Britney needs a fresh sound and Max's dated ass ain't gonna deliver it. 
    And I already know that some people in here are gonna mention their "connection", and I ask: what connection? He gave her standard pop songs that were made iconic due to Britney's ideas and vision. He never gave her a Toxic, a Breathe on Me, a Gimme More or anything that didn't sound of its time. Britney made him a thing. 
    There's a reason why whenever Britney has more control over her albums (ITZ, BO and Glory), he isn't present on the tracklist. 
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    Seel reacted to bboy in Can we talk about how Circus Tour outfits were flawless   
    Outfits were incredible!
    But... Outfists? 

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    Seel reacted to Luxuriou$ in NEW Possible Snippet (LQ)   
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    Seel reacted to Lilith in Perhaps its not a song or mv? Could it be TOUR related?   
    I know that most people right now think that it may be a music video/song, but just think about it for a second. She has right now tour soon, and she already sold tickets too. What purpose could the song/music video serve?
    On the other hand... it looks more possible to be tour related. Perhaps promotional video/or an actual video intro like all her other tours have had to replace the French interlude. It makes more sense, a tour related video for her upcoming tour.

    - Britney's UK publicist made a tweet about ridiculous rumors.
    - LMD producer favorited Bradley Stern's tweet denying the apple pie sh!t (could mean its a diff titled song, but it could also mean its bullshit since Bradley said theres no song right now anyways).
    - Reliable PJ insider Speakerphone said theres no such thing as some Apple Pie sh!t.

    Worth to mention that Bradley heard GloryHole songs before anyone else did and wrote reviews on them before anyone else did.

    What do you think?
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    Seel reacted to Filippo in Christina Aguilera Mentions Britney Spears In A New Interview About Her Iconic Past   
    Christina, the queen of nostalgia.
    Btw I was watching this and it's kind of fun
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    Seel reacted to really really cool guy in Christina Aguilera Mentions Britney Spears In A New Interview About Her Iconic Past   
    I wish Britney took care of her skin like Xtina 
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    Seel reacted to OopsOverprotected in Christina Aguilera Mentions Britney Spears In A New Interview About Her Iconic Past   
    I found this interview that was released last week.
    XTina mentions BritBrit again and it made me really happy! (0:23)
    I think it's so sad that Brit herself never talks about her past looks or past events. 
    XTina is soooo open and honest, even saying Genie was not her product and it felt forced by her management.
    Britney seems to not remember anything and says that her VMA performance with the snake was "STUPID" - which still makes me angry. 
    And she says she doesn't know what Oops is about... like what? And she doesn't remember meeting Ricky Martin? Like what?
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    Seel got a reaction from billyjb26 in Which song did POM ruin for you?   
    Circus definitely.
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    Seel reacted to MissSpearsSaysSo in Predict Her Next Insta Post...   
    Something with overnight oats and fresh fruit. I dunno.     
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    Seel reacted to SlayOut in Brinni at the Royal Wedding   
    These tweets featuring Britney are so popular nnnnnnn
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    Seel got a reaction from billyjb26 in Which song did POM ruin for you?   
    Circus definitely.
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    Seel got a reaction from billyjb26 in Which song did POM ruin for you?   
    Circus definitely.
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    Seel reacted to ✫Tittywitty✫ in Which song did POM ruin for you?   
    Circus. The old choreography for the song was great. The POM version is really bad

    Edit: Boys as well... Just ugh  

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    Seel reacted to MikeMasi in Perfect B10 Concept (Album Theme/Cover/Title/Songs)   
    After giving it some thought, and being excited for B10, I was thinking about a great theme for the next album.
    As much as I loved Glory, I wish there was more of a theme.
    After giving it thought, I knew that I wanted something to come close to In the Zone and Blackout, but also with the Glory vibe. 
    An album theme that focuses on mood and personality would be a great way to go. The song Mood Ring gave me that idea.

    Jekyll & Hyde
    1. My Game, My Rules
    A great introduction song. It sets the mood for the album, and she gets right to the point that she calls the shots on stage. 
    2. Jekyll & Hyde
    An idea from Mood Ring. It's the first track that discusses the many different sides of a person.
    3. 2007
    She gets somewhat personal with her breakdwon, which would be HUGE. Realistically speaking if she did something like this, it would be a song that talks about getting through your struggles and being stronger. Not so much in detail to what happened to her in that year. It's more about conquering your fears.
    4. Blindfold
    A ballad revolving around the concept of what you see is not what you always get. 
    5. Karma Bitch (Feat. Madonna and Missy Elliott)
    Britney and Madonna show their men what will happen if you mess with them. Missy Elliott is also featured for a small rap part.
    6. Wiked
    The song is about a witch, a woman, who was viewed in a negative way by many people, but really she is a beautiful woman who wasn't viewed fairly. 
    7. Colors (Feat.Lady Gaga)
    A song that represents the LGBTQ community! The song would be about expressing your true self no matter who you are.
    8. Roll the Dice
    The song is about going with your gut, and taking a gamble on a guy.
    9. Voodoo 
    A super sexy dance track! She talks about how her moves on the dance floor puts a spell on the guy she likes.
    10. Chameleon
    She talks about finding your inner beauty, being yourself and not blending in with everyone else. 
    11. Confession
    A ballad where she reveals to the guy how she truly feels about him.
    12. Game Over
    Britney has caught on to her man's cheating ways, and is making it clear to him that she's done with him. The song features sounds of old arcade music, and somewhat repetitive like Womanizer (lyric wise). 
    13. Baby One More Time (Cabaret Version)
    A different version of Baby One More Time, to celebrate 20 years in the industry. 
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    Seel reacted to bbbitchme in “I’m adding a couple of new songs in the show”   
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    Seel reacted to StarbucksQueen in Britney confirms B10 in a new interview WIG   
    get ur wallets ready y’all xox  
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    Seel reacted to JustLuvMe in Wtf? Derrick pic used for Britney   
    Look at that male spine 
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    Seel reacted to really really cool guy in Wtf? Derrick pic used for Britney   
    That jaw though 
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    Seel got a reaction from rawbrit in Hairstylists Talks About Britneys Hair