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    Seel reacted to Million Billion in Underrated Performance From Each Other   
    Well, to me this is very underrated, many claim she was stiff during this tour (which she was) but this performance outstands to me:
    -The egipcian theme
    - The wardrobe
    - The props
    - The breakdown 
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    Seel reacted to TheCharmedTributes1 in Sam is only 23?   
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    Seel reacted to If I'm Dancing in Nigel d*ck talks About Britney and It's heart breaking   
    He is such a kind and honest person! I am glad that Britney worked with him!

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    Seel reacted to britney_rocks in Britney Queen Of Shock   
    This unfortunately 

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    Seel reacted to IconicShow in Britney Queen Of Shock   
    Since the beginning Britney was delivering shocking moments, after all her idol is Madonna.
    Britney admitted in her Diane Sawyer interview about intentionally shocking but wouldn't go as far as Madonna's sex book.
    Post everything that was shocking Britney either, wore, performances, romances, so on and so fourth.
    Celebrate the queen of shock.
    This wedding was a shock.

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    Seel reacted to ShowdownITZ in RUMOR: B10 Coming Out 2018 With A Big Bang?!   

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    Seel reacted to breaktheiceofmrv in WAS BRITNEY AND CHASE EVER REALLY A THING?   
    There's a big possibility since his wife posted jealous comments on his photos with Britney
    Or maybe he had feelings for her and his wife heard about it from mutual friends or something  
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    Seel reacted to Ryan Godspeed in 36NEY GIVES US VOCALS   
    Merry f*cking Britmas Y'all 

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    Seel reacted to Steel Magnolia in 36NEY GIVES US VOCALS   

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    Seel reacted to SlayOut in 36NEY GIVES US VOCALS   
    Yas queen
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    Seel reacted to BoyToySoldier in Taylor Swift's First Live Performance Of "Look What You Made Me Do" Was Interesting   
    That final dance break was stiffer than Femme Fatale, and Swifty's never even had a busted knee or public meltdown to blame it on. 
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    Seel reacted to I am Max. in AP? Slumber Party Demo   
    It's not the real demo, it's the remix with Julia vocals. 
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    Seel reacted to The_Original_Toy in AP? Slumber Party Demo   
    this just showed up on my recommended vids...did we know about this? 
    sorry if AP tho bc it says it was uploaded months ago
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    Seel reacted to Damon in "Britney Spears is #1"   
    Larry: "Okay Britney, so we've kept your work schedule to a minimum through 2017. However, would you be able to do one new photoshoot for Sunset Fantasy?"
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    Seel reacted to riccus in The Rewind With Britney Spears | E! News   
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    Seel reacted to ITZFFGL in Britney at Lakers v.s. Warriors game tonight w/ Sam   
    they were on TV!

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    Seel reacted to Justney in Britney at Lakers v.s. Warriors game tonight w/ Sam   
    Lol Sam's so eager to get his picture taken with Britney so everyone knows who he is. 
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    Seel reacted to LisaJane in Sam and Britney..... Shocking   
    What did I just read? 
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    Seel reacted to Goku in Sam and Britney..... Shocking   
    Ok, this thread can become a mess like my entire account, BUT.. 
    Have you noticed how Mr. Gym and Britney are exactly like Daddy and Son from gay couples? 
    You know what I'm talking about... gay boys with daddy issues like me, who wants money an older man to f**k

    1) Britney look's 40

    2) She's rich

    3) She treats him like a son, she's protective and mommy around him. he's the bottom of the couple

    4) maybe she use a fake d*ck to f**k him

    6) they have both weird pointy noses

    So, she's rich, older, mommy and hot. 100% match.
    Is that a Mommy Issues? 

    guys i was joking calm down 
    you should know at this point that i like to make this place more funny