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  1. https://twitter.com/amazingomez/status/933108929890062336 I'm gonna start of by staying I love Selena but her stans are becoming more delusional by the day. They keep saying she's the new Britney. We don't need a new one when we have the original. Selena makes bops but the girl has no stage presence at all, most of the pop girls of today have no stage presence. Back when Britney came out you had to have stage presence and charisma when you prefrom. Nowadays they have the most basic ass performers and the young teens think there amazing. Im glad I got to grow up with Britney because none of today's bitches can hold a candle to her iconic performances/songs/videos just very thing about her is iconic. All you have to do is say Britney and everyone will know you mean Britney Spears.
  2. This girl is getting on my last damn nerves . I understand her love of Britney but her whole thing of trying to be Britney is starting to look desperate. I saw that video of a shoot and her 'music' was playing in the background and it was so auto tuned I could not tell what she was saying, then someone pointed out that it was her cover of born to make you happy. she must be on some good sh!t if she think she can sing. Her attempt to sound like Britney makes me cringe so bad
  3. Preach it fam Britney Was/Is and always will be THAT bitch.
  4. I love her body from in the zone she was thick. Her ass was out of this world . Most folks don't remember her booty being big, I'll never forget when she was on TRL with method man and red man and the 3 of them were taking a picture and method man turned his head mid picture and whispered in her ear 'you got a fat ass for a white girl'