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  1. ToxicLuver23

    rumor There might be an explaination for Apple Pie's delay

    Well T4TS is damn lucky, if this actually is true, and we get a new Britney single on the 29th. I won't hold my breath though.
  2. ToxicLuver23

    music I'm so done with Britney and her flop team

    Finally.... A REAL MELTDOWN!
  3. Yeah... To be honest, I did believe the rumors at first, but that was when the supposed release date was still a couple of weeks away, but the closer we got to June 22, I didn't really believe it anymore, but I still have hope we are getting new Britney music this year, and I don't just mean the Pitbull/Marc Anthony collab. Even though these rumors were started by us, I still feel like Britney is up to something, she is cooking up something for us, it just might not be apple pie. lmao
  4. I-..... I did. I'm ashamed. FML
  5. Oh really? I didn't know there was a 2 hours of a live stream then? I didn't really pay attention much about the supposed Desert Performance. If she actually had performed, I was just gonna watch the performance on YouTube the next day, but I do remember reading the multiple threads of Britney fans on here having meltdowns left and right, I think some people even turned in their stan cards that night, and left and never came back.
  6. 20 minutes til a meltdown even bigger than the infamous Desert Performance of 2013.
  7. I call Dibs on the first meltdown as soon as the clock strikes midnight.
  8. ToxicLuver23

    exhale What If

    What if a new song is released, and it's Pretty Girls 2.0? Will we still die? Or still have meltdowns?
  9. ToxicLuver23

    exhale What If

    Anything is possible in the world of BRITNEY SPEARS!
  10. Well if it's a surprise release it could be anytime from let's say midnight tonight and 11:59pm tomorrow night. So looks like no sleep for me tonight.
  11. Yeah, I know what you mean, bitch got lucky on that one. Let's hope he comes thru for our Queen too.
  12. You know what, I'm gonna give this twitter account the benefit of the doubt, because before he tweeted about giving an update about Britney later today, he also tweeted this about Demi. Demi Lovato just released a new single a couple of hours ago, just out of the blue. I don't think anybody was expecting anything new from Demi today, so maybe T4TS does have some inside info, I don't know. But if you noticed, he also put a glass of wine emoji, to symbolize that Demi's new single has something to do with drinking, and it is, Demi's new single is called "Sober", and she's singing about not being sober anymore. It's a pretty heartbreaking song, not gonna lie.
  13. ToxicLuver23

    music Can we get another half of WB that she cut out?

    Why do I remember this GMA segment? This video brings back so many memories for me, and so the "I'm a mom now" Iconic Britney Quote was born.
  14. Well it's still morning here for most of us in the US, the update isn't probably expected til the afternoon, so I'll give it 4 or 5 more hours.
  15. Yes, very true, but if I must be honest, I'm so close to having a meltdown as it is, I can't handle anymore bad news right now.