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  1. timito

    other Three UK posted this about Britney

    You can check threeuk on Instagram and their story. It’s a pic of Beyoncé and Jay Z from their album with a pic instead of Mona Lisa is Britney Neyde in the middle and text about if you don’t want to listen to Bay and Jay than there is always Britney.
  2. timito

    other Three UK posted this about Britney

    Is it just me or thebpics from the post are not showing up?
  3. What happened with a previous fishing trip?
  4. I was just thinking with all these rumours from T4Ts if none of them are true then they will be in a lot of trouble and they know that. So that’s why I’m hoping they are not lying. Because it’s really easy to se WiFi it’s true or not just four more days
  5. Support you 100%! Lets be excited and if nothing happens on Friday we gonna get hyped up because it willl be only a few weeks till the tour starts and probably the song and video with Pitbull. Can’t wait! No need for negativity!
  6. BTW What did he mean with we started the Vegas shows together . Did he have a residency the Same time Britney did?
  7. Someone in the other thread said Britney didn’t have performances between the beginning of September and sometime in October. So maybe actually time for releasing an album?! Which this account is saying will happen then. I’m all excited for all those rumours! Even if some of them are not true we know that a song with Pitbull is coming so there is definitely something being planned!
  8. Yeah it’s getting a bit confusing.
  9. timito

    rumor Maybe official announcement is coming

    I can understand having doubts about it but it is a fact that a lot of countries love latino music including the one i am from and others in europe and latin america. This includes songs from Pitbull as well. So as long as the song is good it will be a positive thing for britney and it will have bigger impact on GP (hopefully positive). And why not be excited that there will be two new songs when we thought we wouldn't get anything this year. And lastly I just love anything Britney. I don't think there is a bad song that she has released as a single so...
  10. Ok all other stuff about the song coming i choose to believe. But there is no way there will be a totally different show. Maybe with changes but I don't think they will change it drastically for such a short tour. hope I am wrong tho.
  11. timito

    rumor Maybe official announcement is coming

    thanks for the support! We need more positivity on here
  12. timito

    rumor Maybe official announcement is coming

    Why the hate for PG I think it’s a really catchy fun song. Yeah the video is rubbish because it’s cringe but the song is nice. I don’t know why but I’m getting a bit angry of people bashing so much. And I know it’s stupid as why should I care but it’s getting ridiculas with all this negativity. And about this new song I can’t wait whatever it is.