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  1. I was just looking closely at the lips of this one and you can see how there is a smudge on the upper left side of the lip. Its a bit funny if thats actually how the photoshop is done.
  2. She looks incredible on those! I really want all kenzo pics on ultra HQ.
  3. Met Gala 2018?

    Even Vougue is mentioning the MET gala. Maybe there is an actual possibility
  4. Met Gala 2018?

    I would love to see that.but I highly doubt she will do it . Hope I'm wrong
  5. I really hope so too. I saw this one as well. there is no official picture with that outfit yet. I really hope they release more
  6. here is a video of E! News talking about that starts after 6:00. Seems interesting that calculating thing the behind the scenes guy is talking about. Wonder what exactly it is, because I couldn't understand much.
  7. Hahah so they have made a mistake and now they have fixed it
  8. Im sorry but Paris? She definitely didn't shoot this in Paris :D why are they lying "The bright campaign was shot on location in Paris by Peter Lindbergh"
  9. There is also a new picture on the Kenzo Twitter Cover
  10. SHE looks AMAZING!!!!!! I want mooreeee
  11. I think it's less than that. I just realised CET means Central European time. So that would be Paris time. It's currently 11 there so 5:30 makes 6 and a half hours left.
  12. I guess most of you haven't seen new clothes and other fabrics and thins made with that type of pattern green leafs like this one http://www.shein.co.uk/Palm-Leaf-Print-Embossed-Fit-Flare-Dress-p-349616-cat-1727.html?url_from=ukadpladress170405101XL&gclid=Cj0KCQjwv73VBRCdARIsAOnG8u2yHp5ZzPD9_LS8ZeJtY7wgdsILl7oYp-M80CHmi81jMPlZg0V9PLcaAvbMEALw_wcB I am following one youtuber from the UK she has a lot of clothes like that and other stuff. I even saw some on home furniture accessories. So even if you do not like it that doesn't mean it is not popular or that people don't buy and use it. And as much as I might not like the baggy clothes it seems a lot of people here in the UK wear them.
  13. I don't know if it is but somehow she makes the clothing look cool.