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  1. because she said "A dream collaboration" and not "MY dream collaboration" I think It could be anyone but Kelly Clarkson.. she has been haunting Kelly for years now! Britney?? hahaha that would make sense with this "insider"... and would fullfill the new music britney quoata for 2017... WHO KNOWS!! https://twitter.com/pandorasound/status/918857554255544320 Maybe is a rapper
  2. a well managed radar would be a decent hit (better video, better timing).. I know lot of people that are not Britney Fans that likes the song
  3. Last Time I Saw Danceney

    yeah.. I remember that.. but even with them in the team, the performances of the Womanizer Promo Tour were... hmm mostly what we have now... hairflips, arms and many explosions
  4. Last Time I Saw Danceney

    I wonder if Andre and Wade just gave up after they saw they could not preassure her in the Circus era like in the old days... hahahahaha so sad.. she should at least make a video with great choreography (WB is very close)
  5. Ok.. I don`t even know why am I bothering to make this thread, because of course we can not answer this questions for sure; But I need to get it off my chest... for me this was the last time I saw Danceney... The fire, the precision, the movement of both up and down part of her body Don`t missunderstand me.. I certanly appreciate all the effort she has been doing in the last year to give some life to POM performances and get that hot body back.. but it is like she would be tired or boring of dancing... I know all the theories about the knee, the stress after breakdown and everything but this was recorded in mid 2008 (if Im not wrong)... so where she went? is she just sick of performing?