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  1. IT LOOKS VERY NICE!! can´t wait to see it tomorrow HD
  2. is it just the red carpet with teen wannabe popstars... they are saying they will have a show streaming party tomorrow
  3. Maybe she go with Sean and Preston since this is a kids focused show (is it?)
  4. omg.. she is THE PRINCESS OF POP.. u know what?... SURGERY IS POP, ILLUSION IS POP!! Leave her alone...! I just can´t with this. 2012 x factor "HO MY GOD HER FACE LOOKS WRONG, SHE SHOULD DO SOMETHING" 2016 "HO MY GOD.. WHAT SHE HAD MADE???" ¬¬ Im sorry but this is boring and kind of hypocrite... Im glad she had take care of her self and she is super happy
  5. Does any body remembers the romours about Miley, Selena and Demi doing a tribute for her in 2011 VMA?? And then we got.. well something cute but not so big.. or long enough...