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    DarkChild reacted to G L O R Y in "Me Against The Music" turns 14   
    Released October 14, 2003

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    DarkChild reacted to reecejwilson in 17 yo Britney did THAT   
    I turned 18 this year and it makes me sad that I didn't accomplish anything like this  
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    DarkChild reacted to button in Britney Spears Reflects On 'Blackout': "I Just Did What I Felt And It Worked"   
    one of the best on the album

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    DarkChild reacted to alain0227 in Zayn Confirms Nicki Minaj Collaboration   
    Is her full name Featuring Nicki Minaj?
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    DarkChild reacted to Paris Hilton $ in Rare Britney pictures.   
    that girl on the right looks like christina aguilera 
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    DarkChild reacted to MC The Songbird Supreme in Britney Spears Hair Color Timeline.   
    We all know Britney has dyed her hair over 50 times in her entire life. Here's a timeline of her hair colors over the years  
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    DarkChild reacted to Urbanney in Misheard lyrics   
    In Make Me, everyone says, "this feeling, I wanna go with it" is the actual lyric, BUT I SWEAR it's "This feeling, it won't go away." It just sounds better
    update: i just listened to the stem, and she does say "this feeling, I wanna go with it" which is stupid. My lyric sounds better
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    DarkChild reacted to BoyToySoldier in Early Mornin   
    Such a fucking BOP 
    The Jason Nevins Remix is also nice if you're in the mood for more uptempo 
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    DarkChild reacted to nonoiseplz in Britney's dance sequence on Jane the Virgin   
    I just started watching this show a few days ago. I'm still waiting for the Britney episode/lol  Its actually a really funny drama.
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    DarkChild reacted to paula24bs in FULL Outrageous' choreography was really amazing (video)   
    ahah I clicked in this with the hope of seeing a new rehearsal of britney and then I saw my vídeos....thank you so much...I Don't know what to say...I wasnt expecting someone making a topic about my vídeos...Im so glad you liked them, thats very cool...thank you
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    DarkChild reacted to CashmereCat in New IG Post   

    In other news, she reminds me of 2004-6 when she says "I'm horrible, I can't do it."  For some reason, idk why.  I mean Chaoticish vibes.  Not what she's saying, but her.    This is hard to explain... for some damn reason
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    DarkChild reacted to dancewithme in Is the Co-Ed Remix of Boys really better than the original?   
    Co Ed (Onyx version) I like the remix instrumental more but the come with me bridge gives me life
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    DarkChild reacted to Sharkney in Watch Britney Spears Train Soundtracked To Eve’s “Tambourine”   
    Great moves Brit! Now, use it to kick Larry and your team to the curb
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    DarkChild reacted to Pedro Dantas in Circus Review   
    Rock Me In is a misunderstood hymn.
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    DarkChild reacted to 3isacharm in Outta This World - Appreciation   
    i like the demo with the intro 
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    DarkChild reacted to Britneylandia in this Eve and Mya pic though   
    I thought you were talking about mya(h) Marie 
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    DarkChild reacted to BoyToySoldier in BRITNEY SUPPOSED TO BE FEATURED ON GET LOW BY ZEDD   
    Even if she wasn't on tour, would she really promote it? She barely promotes her own music. 
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    DarkChild reacted to BoyToySoldier in What Is It About Britney?   
    I was introduced to her after the Oops video came out. I saw that and Baby One More Time after and begged my mom to buy me her CD. She bought me both.
    After that, the Britney era came which solidified her as that blonde sex symbol and I was hooked. I had never seen someone so confident and glamorous before. She was on another level, I would watch her dance and be mesmerized. I actually tried to teach myself the Pepsi choreography in front of the TV.
    I think as a gay icon she represents what we all wanted to be growing up. We all wanted to be sexy, we all wanted to be confident, we all wanted to be in control.
    Her music has had an effect on me personally because each album was released during pivotal moments in my life that I can look back on. Baby-Britney for my childhood, Zone-Blackout my preteens, Circus-BJ my adolescence and Glory represents my college years now.
    I was bullied during middle school and I remember Blackout being an escape mechanism for me because I was too scared to tell my parents or anyone else. It was like my own little world. So yeah, that album really helped me turn my mood around and made me happy. So it's always gonna be special to me. Looking back on it now, it's even more special knowing that Britney herself was going through her own troubles and was able to overcome them.
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    DarkChild reacted to Shadow. in Songs that you LOVE but others HATE   
    Why Should I Be Sad. 
    A lot of people seem to hate on it cuz its "boring" or "doesn't deserve to be on Blackout" when its more personal than Basic Jams and she didn't even write it oh wait she didn't write on BJ either  
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    DarkChild reacted to mauureee in What is Britney's favorite album of hers?   

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    DarkChild reacted to 2K16NEY in Wow - how quick has that gone...   
    I remember expecting major slayage for the mv.... and then it came out. 
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    DarkChild reacted to Seanzy in D/L: In the Zone - Rediscover [Vimeo link added!]   
    That Shadow mix is INSANE
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    DarkChild reacted to BoyToySoldier in Songs you hated that you still hate   
    Why Should Legend Be Sad is one of the best on Blackout