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    DarkChild reacted to DJSLAYZEE in Tinashe Announces Three New Songs: "No Drama," "Me So Bad" and "Faded Love"   
    Hope at lest one of these is successful cause having triple flop would be sad  
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    DarkChild reacted to I'mSoCurious in [ 50 HQ Pics] January 03 - Britney on the beach in Hawaii   
    Love the belly ring comeback  and that body... DAMN.
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    DarkChild reacted to Britneylandia in New ig pic: we are all dreamers   
    Oh god not only your opinions about britney are stupid and disgusting, now we know all your opinions are trash  
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    DarkChild reacted to Dark.Knight in I’ve had a little fun with femme fatale photoshoot   
    this needs to be deleted, know Britney's team they will use it on their promo pics
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    DarkChild reacted to marrecarney in Britney is NOT featured on G-Eazy's new album!   
    Track 9 is what Britney said after GEazy talked about one promo performance for Make Me.
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    DarkChild reacted to Dripping For Britney in Britney is NOT featured on G-Eazy's new album!   
    Track 6 is about her though 
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    DarkChild reacted to I Always Sing Live in Should Britney have background singers as dancers?   
    If Sarah can sing, then sure... why not.  
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    DarkChild reacted to Brad Adamson in 7 years ago...   
    Crazy, that’s the same amount of time between the Britney and Circus albums
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    DarkChild reacted to riccus in 7 years ago...   
    i liked the album. I have none of the tracks currently on my music  player or any playlists.
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    DarkChild reacted to Ryan Godspeed in Should Britney become a youtuber?   
    a beauty vlogger 
    "Racoon Makeup Tutorial"
    "My Niece Does My Makeup Challenge"
    "Getting Ready for Red Carpets in 5 secs"

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    DarkChild reacted to Steel Magnolia in Is anybody getting a bit over the 'Britney' image?   
    I wouldn't mind more of this.
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    DarkChild reacted to G L O R Y in "Me Against The Music" turns 14   
    Released October 14, 2003

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    DarkChild reacted to reecejwilson in 17 yo Britney did THAT   
    I turned 18 this year and it makes me sad that I didn't accomplish anything like this  
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    DarkChild reacted to button in Britney Spears Reflects On 'Blackout': "I Just Did What I Felt And It Worked"   
    one of the best on the album

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    DarkChild reacted to alain0227 in Zayn Confirms Nicki Minaj Collaboration   
    Is her full name Featuring Nicki Minaj?
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    DarkChild reacted to Paris Hilton $ in Rare Britney pictures.   
    that girl on the right looks like christina aguilera 
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    DarkChild reacted to MC The Songbird Supreme in Britney Spears Hair Color Timeline.   
    We all know Britney has dyed her hair over 50 times in her entire life. Here's a timeline of her hair colors over the years  
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    DarkChild reacted to Urbanney in Misheard lyrics   
    In Make Me, everyone says, "this feeling, I wanna go with it" is the actual lyric, BUT I SWEAR it's "This feeling, it won't go away." It just sounds better
    update: i just listened to the stem, and she does say "this feeling, I wanna go with it" which is stupid. My lyric sounds better
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    DarkChild reacted to BoyToySoldier in Early Mornin   
    Such a fucking BOP 
    The Jason Nevins Remix is also nice if you're in the mood for more uptempo 
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    DarkChild reacted to nonoiseplz in Britney's dance sequence on Jane the Virgin   
    I just started watching this show a few days ago. I'm still waiting for the Britney episode/lol  Its actually a really funny drama.
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    DarkChild reacted to paula24bs in FULL Outrageous' choreography was really amazing (video)   
    ahah I clicked in this with the hope of seeing a new rehearsal of britney and then I saw my vídeos....thank you so much...I Don't know what to say...I wasnt expecting someone making a topic about my vídeos...Im so glad you liked them, thats very cool...thank you
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    DarkChild reacted to CashmereCat in New IG Post   

    In other news, she reminds me of 2004-6 when she says "I'm horrible, I can't do it."  For some reason, idk why.  I mean Chaoticish vibes.  Not what she's saying, but her.    This is hard to explain... for some damn reason
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    DarkChild reacted to dancewithme in Is the Co-Ed Remix of Boys really better than the original?   
    Co Ed (Onyx version) I like the remix instrumental more but the come with me bridge gives me life
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    DarkChild reacted to Sharkney in Watch Britney Spears Train Soundtracked To Eve’s “Tambourine”   
    Great moves Brit! Now, use it to kick Larry and your team to the curb
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    DarkChild reacted to ATWK in Circus Review   
    Rock Me In is a misunderstood hymn.