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  1. New IG- Brit and Sam and.... Mozart?

    I really didn't see this relationship lasting as long as it has. I just find it kind of odd how they're never really seen out in public together. You'd think that maybe Britney would try to "keep up" with Sam in a sense, since he's a young 23 year old. I do believe that his love for fitness and working out has definitely played a role in Britney's quest for fitness and her body transformation. I know she was already fit before they met, but she seems to have lost a bit more weight since meeting him. I just hope he treats her well and that her boys don't have to see another man walk out of their mother's life.
  2. "She's 35!!!!! She's not 19 anymore!!!"

    If you consider Demi, Selena, and Gaga's careers as current flops, then what do you consider Britney's?