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  1. But TV people loved it at the moment it aired
  2. Delusional Promo :)

    I'm here for DECEMBER sister DECEMBER 2017-onwards: Final Piece of Me Show professionally recorded with guests Madonna, Tinashe, G-Easy, Pharrell, William, Iggy Britney on G-Easy's new album, Missy collab Britney on DJ track Netflix Special on b10 and 20 years, Rolling Stone Magazine cover
  3. f**k YES! They neeeeeded to focus on her body, dancing and facial expressions!
  4. My meet and greet experience

    OMGGGG YAAAAS SIS! How did the smell? Was her hair fabulous blonde? How was her face? OMGGGG
  5. KWEEEEEN! How sweet from Michael and Brandon to dance the slave choreo with him
  6. Omg I'm meeting Britney tonight!!!!

    HOW WAS IIIITTTTTT!!!!???? Tell us everything sis
  7. Unofficial #PieceOfMe Thread: August 16th, 2017

  8. Does anybody know why Brinni hates HIAM?

    Biiiiitttccch Come here and break my aux chords please YAAAAAS!
  9. THIS SONG IS SUCH A BANGER Sometimes it feels she totally forget about it, why is not in POM? Gonna leave this here, enjoy and imagine if it was in POM:
  10. Brinni need to work with Major Lazer

    YAAAS BITCH Thanks for all your explicit info I LOVED IT