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  1. I''m not saying that she lied, only that she throw the shade. It was not a T. cuz she didn't mention any name
  2. Top 5 | B-Sides and Non-Album Tracks

    1. My Prerogative 2. Someday (I Will Understand) 3. 3 4. Do Somethin' 5. Over to You Now
  3. What's your favorite supposed Britney demo/song

    Sorry Adam and Black Widow
  4. She already did it! I'm at work and youtube is blocked here, but there's a video of Gaga perfoming at HBO I think, and she says something like '' You guys are paying to see me singing live, not a B * tch lip syncing the whole show ' '..... It was obviously a shade to britney
  5. Top 5 | Unreleased Songs [Results on OP]

    State of Grace in #1????????? Exhell doesn't deserve Strangest Love.... You guys are flop