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  1. Completely disagree! I think this is the song of her career and the best vocal she’s ever done! It just sounds career defining and extremely Grammy worthy in my opinion! I don’t find it redundant either. I actually really like it and think it sounds absolutely incredible!! Kelly SLAYYYYYYED this!!!
  2. [POLL] The most annoying move on POM?

    Her hands!!! Idk what she’s doing with them but they’re always flopping weird and she ends poses with then in like an okay symbol or something and it’s like she can’t control them a lot of the time. Just find it strange. It actually bothers me and she needs to work on it.....
  3. Seems likes she’s really giving it her all for this last run of shows!! So much energy and confidence and she looks FIERCE!!! SLAYYYYYYYYYY
  4. I just looked up POM videos for the first time in forever and I’m SLAYED!!!!!!!! I mean, look at the energy!!! This truly has to be one of the best she’s done!! The outfit is pretty decent, the hair is perfect, and that fierce look she gives is just like the old Britney!! And I love how she drops down and back up so quick and how she whips her hair so intensely! I’ve been quickly giving up on her recently, but this impressed me! YAAASSSS BRITNEY!!!