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  1. This. And everytime she tries to feel the song more she feels silly/shy and stops. I hate saying this but she has lost her hability to interact with people during the show, and by interacting I don't even mean touching them/talking to them, but simply LOOKING at them. She constantly avoids looking directly at the crowd. She only does it when she has to do it and in a really unnatural way.
  2. I wish someone would tell her to stop doing those things.
  3. I get what you mean. I think she feels uncomfortable with those extentions. She looks uncomfortable and her goofy faces are so random. She should rewatch her Circus and previous tours on youtube to remind her who she used to be on stage.
  4. That's exactly what I think as well. Baby One More Time is probably the worst performance since she already forgot all the moves. They need to change it as soon as possible. Also, I never understood why TTWE has such a messy choreography. It looks extremely improvised. They should really work on a decent choreography to close the show. They should learn from Madonna and do something a la Celebration from the MDNA tour. I mean, they have lasers and a super cool remix.
  6. I don't like her cute version though. I want badassney.
  7. I wanted to include the "hair touching" as one of her mannerisms as well, but honestly, the knee bending is SO much more embarassing. I just can't
  8. Honestly, the only thing that was missing in her performances in 2014/early 2015 was energy. Her moves were sharp and on point. Every move she does with her arms lately are SO lazy, it seems like she doesn't even want to move them. It's just really bad and embarassing.
  9. I totally get it that she's tired. But I totally agree with you, it's not like she works all day everyday and she doesn't have time to work on new choreography/rehearse. She simply doesn't want to and this is really disappointing. She doesn't care because people keeps showing up every show, and she's making her money.
  10. First of all, this thread wasn't made to bash her or make fun of her. Even though her latest shows aren't the same as the 2016 shows, she has a contract. She has to do the shows even though she's clearly tired of it. I totally get it, imagine if you had to do the same choreography and "sing" the same songs three times a week for 4 years? Wouldn't you be tired of it as well? The peak of POM was in 2016, for sure. She was on fire, her moves were sharp in the majority of the songs. But now, not only her moves are lazy but she has developed a lot of VERY annoying mannerisms. Remember the goofy face she used to make every 3 seconds? She replaced it for the knee bending. I can't believe her team don't have the guts to talk to her about it and make her rehearse a little bit. Have you guys seen how she's been performing the Crazy break, the BOMT break and the Womanizer break? It's seriously a disaster. If her dancers are the ones creating her choreography recently, why don't they take the initiative to create new dancebreaks and show her? She's been doing the same Crazy/BOMT break for 4 fucking years. And she has a couple of weeks until the Asia tour, so she has time to rehearse.
  11. I particularly don't think she will, but there are still two performances to be announced.