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  1. Why do I think she was feeling the deep cut look lmao
  2. Worst interview look (video)

    Yeah I don't know what's going on with her face but whoever her stylist is in the U.K. always gives her cute looks
  3. Video isn't embedding but Adrien Grenier said on WWHL that he did an interview with Britney and mentions daddy issues and having a lot of handlers around her. Was this never posted before?? Does anyone have the interview https://youtu.be/1KBKJ62dcDg
  4. Shot in the dark interview?

    What's the interview about?
  5. Shot in the dark interview?

    I know. How come this was never talked about??
  6. How come she looked like primeney here?

    This is one of my favorite photo shoots she's ever done. I must say we have gotten some gems post 2007. We also got this Those eyebrows had me SHOOK