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  1. Okay buuut there are videos that when she thinks the audience can't see her, she stops lipping completely, talks to dancers, etc
  2. "WHats up vegasss" "It's time to break the mother f*ckin ice" "who wants to get naughtayyyy" "give it up for my amazing dancers" "f**king assh*les" there is your reciepts. It is indeed a show with live vocals mixed with playback. Put some respect on ha name.
  3. I always thought it was a synthetic baby's bump am I wrong?
  4. Bitch it's been DEvamped
  5. Sabi was a figment of our imagination, she never happened it was just a way for us fans to cope with the FFT era
  6. Larry is gonna fill in for that part
  7. Now keep your Greek make up artist, don't touch your mouth, and us fans will shut up