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  1. Lmao The difference is Katy Perry wants the attention and will do anything for it. She made a joke out of herself which gave her relevance which is cool whatever works. To have a successful new era you have to push the envelope and for Britney that would be singing live since that's pretty much the only thIng she hasn't done
  2. Also for a shy person it's actually harder to sing to one person opposed to an audience.
  3. Probably not that good unless she switched up the songs. When she sings in her baby voice it usually sounds pretty rough, even in the ITZ and Britney days. Whenever she sounds good she's singing in a lower register
  4. Yes cause her current strategy is working so well
  5. That's what her 2016 VMA performance should have been. REALLY stripped down. Side story when I first saw her in the silhouette and the dancers making it look like a dress I thought she was gonna sing a ballad live
  6. Yas so much passion in the way she performed. It looked so natural unlike when she does her teenybopper act, and I don't blame her. People change and maybe she doesn't want to be skipping around on stage and rubbing up against a bunch of guys anymore. Whenever she sings live it's so emotionally charged (you oughta know, something to talk about). She should evolve as an artist
  7. I can't get over how she owned the stage with nothing but herself and a microphone. So much stage presence what a queen
  8. And tbh is she's as lazy as everyone says she is, she can save time and sing live and not have to worry about learning so much choreo
  9. I know right!? No hair fixing or knee bending. She was just vibing to the music she looked like such a true musician
  10. You get the idea so much more connection with the audience if she sings live
  11. I think if she started recording songs she's comfortable singing live, then she might start. But no im not here for perfume and alien performances I think she could pull off country but personally I'm not a fan lol. I'd love to see her do jazzy blues/r&b type music
  12. The nostalgia act is getting tired though.
  13. This is a reach but imagine she took a break for a while, and came back to the scene with her hair died dark and with a live band and a whole new sound. It can be a hit or miss commercial wise but it would definitely give her more artistic respect. Lots of people successfully switched genres
  14. Exactlyyy. And the way she was saying it felt illegal to just stand there with a mic sounded like her team or whoever is pushing her to do the whole pop act. I know she says dancing is her passion but she looked sooo much more passionate singing live