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  1. 1 minute ago, britisthecolor said:

    you are still telling people to log out if they doesn't like britney because you moved on from what ı said?especially from these parts:

    we can see the flaws or mistakes of the people we love and there is nothing wrong with criticizing.it is so stupid to ask why we are here if we don't like britney because we do not need to like everything and anything about a person to like them.for example, ı love britney's voice and music and that's why ı am still here for her but ı think her performances are sh!t and ı can say that ı think that her performances are sh!t.

    you think that following britney or having an account here is not right if we state our negative opinions but you are still here even though there are things that you don't like about this forum/members.by your logic, you should log out instead of telling people to log out.

    the funny thing is, you don't realise how stupid you sound when you tell people to log out, stop being a fan etc.we won't and no one fuckin' cares if you want us here or not.we can't change britney but we can criticize her and you can criticize us but you can't decide what we will do.


  2. 22 minutes ago, BoyToySoldier said:

    Who is this plebian telling us what to do? :tiffcackle:

    Her makeup, hair and costumes look terrible on stage, that’s a fact. The sky is blue. :tiffcackle:

    It’s not a personal attack because if she gave a f**k she could look like this every night. :tiffcackle:


    She looks younger when she irons her hair and doesn’t do the panda eyeshadow. Also, R.I.P Kisses outfit :(