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Status Updates posted by Genesis.

  1. I have 2 proyects and 3 exams next week :meltdown:

    1. I'mSoCurious


      I feel for you. I once had four exams in two days right after a really hard English test :orangu: 

  2. Fergie's Enchanté is a cute song, I love the pre-chorus :liberatedaf:

    1. I Always Sing Live

      I Always Sing Live

      Yes! One of the only few songs that are decent on the album. I've been jamming to the french part for two days now... Kill me, please! :donewithit:

  3. Hi my bitch how you doing? :urite:

  4. I posted here 2 weeks ago but my post got deleted :calculating:

    brinni u k

  5. Wow there are a lot of annoying peeps here  :tiffeyeroll:

    1. falka


      or are U easily annoyed ? :queenriri:

    2. Genesis.



      Sometimes, I can't control myself when I'm angry :quirkney:

  6. Flying to the moon again, dreaming about Heroin :bop:

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    2. I'mSoCurious


      I listened to the whole LFL album in the shower yesterday :lanacackle: 

    3. Genesis.


      We need to take care of water but slay  :uknowit:

    4. I'mSoCurious


      Well I took a ten minute shower and just stood there with a brush in my hand for a good hour :giggleney:

  7. I love washing my face with anti-acne products :woopsie:

    1. I Always Sing Live

      I Always Sing Live

      Literally my life. :sipney:

  8. Coupure Électrique has such an amazing beat.

    1. Streets


      Coupure Electrique has amazing production, some of the best on Glory... and to think it was kind of just a "fun" filler kind of song and it's one of the most dynamic on the album :verycool:

  9. One of my classmates called me gay because I'm a tidy person, have my notebooks organizated and have a 'girly' handwriting :tiffeyeroll:

    I'm tired of this bullshit.


    1. SlayOut


      I honestly don't understand why people (usually annoying or insecure heterosexual males) make those kind of remarks. :tiffeyeroll: It's like bitch we know you're deep down jealous that you don't have your sh!t together. :tiffcackle: Don't let them get under your skin, they're not worth it. :whitney: Take pride in the way you do things! :lemmetellu: 

    2. Genesis.


      Thanks sis :giggleney: 

  10. Toxic came on shuffle while I was in bed. Stood up and danced my ass off :hype:

  11. I love changing my avi :urite:

  12. Hi sistren  :shameless:

    1. Genesis.


      Am I the first to write on her timeline? :idkney:

    2. fucknfurter


      :britlol: I was gonna say maybe people were too afraid to, but this is the Army we're talking about. Maybe Exhale deletes older messages?

    3. Genesis.


      Maybe :idkney:

  13. Avocados are my 3rd favorite fruit :outwithit:

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    2. BoyToySoldier


      It's still a vegetable to me, idc. Pumpkins and beans are also technically fruits, I can't. :lemmetellu:

    3. falka


      Beans are vegetables in my country, but snails are fishes.

      Honestly.:haha: Peter, Paul and Mary are shookt.


    4. Genesis.




  14. My birthday was horrible, my family barely cared for me until I cried and they said they loved me, etc. Am I really 15 now? :crying11:

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    2. Genesis.


      @SexyJeans I'm sorry to hear that sis, hope you are ok :embarrassney:

    3. Genesis.


      Thanks! @Shadow. :saycheese:

    4. SexyJeans


      Yeah I'm used to it by now I guess. After 18 years :outwithit: 

      And thanks for asking :bigkiss: I'm so sorry about your family being cunty 

  15. I've never been so excited for my birthday  :yesplease:

  16. I can't believe that Lana is going to Lollapalooza, I'm crying. :crying1:

  17. I'm going to Lollapalooza next year, so excited! :jumpney:


  18. Vertigo is such a nice song. :forkit:

  19. Lana's Summer Bummer is one of my fav songs on LFL, I don't know why almost every Lana fan hates it.

  20. purple skittles are the best :bop:

  21. Today is my exhale birthday :crying2:

    1. SlayOut


      Happy belated birthday! :brit:

    2. Genesis.


      @SlayOut thanks sis :riri:

  22. Finally changed my username. :giggleney:

  23. Just came here to say that I'm in love with your avi :crying11:

    1. ItsJustMe.


      thank youuuuu :)

  24. Circus Tour Remixes are underrated af 

    1. LostInAnImage


      I saw the tour in person and can attest that just about everything from it is underrated! People would feel very differently if there was a professional DVD of the show.