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  1. They have to pretend. they have been waiting 6 years for these tragic songs she just put out. Feel bad for her fans, of course they will pretend to like it. ....And it's not getting good reviews, they are average. Only untrustworthy sources gave it a high score (rolling stone) and more current and relevant pitchfork won't even review it.
  2. Wow kinda shows she doesn't even care for her own album, she knows it sucks.
  3. I couldn't find a sales predication but i am perched, waiting
  4. Kevney

    music Pitbull confirms song with Britney

    No real fan is. All these fake bitches supporting something so tragic and desperate and embarrassing. Shame on you.
  5. Kevney

    music Pitbull confirms song with Britney

    He's the worst thing to happen to pop music.
  6. Kevney

    music Pitbull confirms song with Britney

    ewwww!!!! noooooo!!!
  7. Kevney

    music Rumored Apple pie lyrics

    Such childish lyrics. Yeah f**king right.
  8. Kevney

    event This is so sad #xfactor

    Doing a singing show (the worst type of tv) is not a good career move. Only old people watch that sh!t in the US. It was fun but also very painful because you could tell she hated every min of it.
  9. Kevney

    exhale Sadly one thing that we will...

    ....and people bitch about Britney's plastic surgery and lips.
  10. Banana grew huge. "20–25 pounds in 2001" '...and is roughly 100 pounds and nearly 15 feet today." source
  11. Kevney

    exhale Who wishes Onyx Hotel Tour was on DVD?

    I wish. Blu ray can still be released. I guess HBO(or showtime?) owns it though?