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  1. She liked my tweet leaking it about it. Showhow is a typo of somehow. She gets me.
  2. I know the rest of the stuff she leaked was HQ on tumblr. I wonder what # this is out of her "BS Demos" album.
  3. It's amazing. SO edgy, cool and of course faded.
  4. I'm interested in good music, not hit desperate for anything songs.
  5. The bitch can't even sing! She's autotuned to death!
  6. Oh I want good music. Not just a hit song. Tinashe has amazing music. She is critically acclaimed. You're just in a Britney bubble. Delusional to think Tinashe is a Z-lister, just because she isn't on the top of that irreverent billboard chart. I don't even think people use "A" "D" lister. or anything anymore like that anyway. That was a joke Kathy Griffin made up 10 years ago. Kendall Jenner is what's "cool" now (EW) So should she do a song with her? http://pitchfork.com/artists/31259-tinashe/ Ashley tisdale is literally a nobody. Always was. Are you stuck in the 2005 disney channel universe?
  7. Tinashe is very popular and critically acclaimed, should not be in the list of ashley tisdale or eggy. Read a book.
  8. anything in the overprotected remix video.