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  1. You’ve literally been told by multiple people that people in Britney’s team legally work for Jamie. How many more people are going to have to tell you the same (true) facts for you to accept them?
  2. I thought this thread was about Slumber Party
  3. Britney should get a song like HAVANA

    Maybe it could be called Louisiana! However maybe Britney should aim to be featured on this flawless remix! @If U Seek Me
  4. Charles Manson is Dead at Age 83

    I don’t often wish or celebrate the death of someone, but good riddance to Charles Manson!
  5. I know that. That’s why i indicated it was a brief slideshow!
  6. Hmmm. It says new website coming soon, and they had a brief slideshow of artists. Britney wasn’t in the slideshow, but Beyoncé is (despite her actually being an artist with Columbia/Parkwood). Maybe RCA UK wont distribute Britney’s music anymore? Maybe she’s moving to a different distributor owned by Sony? Idk.
  7. Not even her AMA performance! But yeah, RCA didn’t have anything about the radio festivals, Apple Music Fest, etc. either. Tragic label/website!
  8. On Xtincta’s artist profile the most recent “news and press” article is from September 13, 2012!
  9. She’s still listed on RCA’s roster: https://www.rcarecords.com/artist/britney-spears/
  10. Igloo performed in Chile at least a couple weeks ago!
  11. @If U Seek Me Here is the secret project thread i thought was deleted! idk if you’ve seen it yet!
  12. Triple Ho Show begs to differ! We all know how much the song flew up the charts afterwards!
  13. Queen of doing the most for the Navy between eras!
  14. Making A New Britney Game Called...

    I like it! Bring it on hoes!
  15. A streaming force! Taylor is quaking.
  16. Yeah most of the young folks at the youth center I volunteer at watched the AMAs and were unimpressed with Xtincta’s performance.
  17. All our meltdowns will amount to something real!
  18. Maybe Columbia will release the original Make Me and Perfume videos!