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  1. We been knew! :queenflopga:

    EDIT: I meant to reply to your status update about The Dutchess slaying Double Dutchess to pieces! :orangu: awkward 

  2. I feel like you’ve made a thread about this exact topic a few times already. And you get the same responses each time.
  3. I feel the same about people attacking Britney on Exhale!
  4. Mario Testino photo in colour

    That hair
  5. She wasn’t “destroyed,” she was rightfully dragged! That was atrocious!
  6. any other young britney fans on exhale?

    I feel like @I’mSoCurious used to be the youngest, but maybe there’s a new young person on Exhale!
  7. Slay at so many people finally seeing the light that is Make Me!
  8. Family aka Britney Army where we seek Amy!
  9. I feel like they’re going to play Work Bitch over the speakers and Britney will just walk up, accept the award, and then leave! Jk she’s going to announce her presidency!