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  1. So who is viewing the solar eclipse on Monday? Does anyone have major plans to experience it? :queenriri: I tried getting my hands on some of those solar viewing glasses but was too late (everywhere was sold out)! :staysalty: I'm making my own viewing box though, and I'm trying to make one that I can put my camera in to get some cool video/photo footage! :flawlessbye:

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    2. SlayOut


      That's what I heard too! :mattafact: Except you're only allowed to "borrow" a pair if your library has planned a specific event, and I don't want to fight a child for a pair! :jlostare: Most of the patrons at the library around my house are kids lol which isn't bad obviously, I was just hoping to experience this solar eclipse in peace. :lemmetellu:

    3. Sundown.


      Is there going to be an Eclipse? :calculating:

      I hope it can be seen from my flop country :bey:



    4. SlayOut


      See if the solar eclipse will pass through your country Monday! :queenflopga: