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  1. I see Pressedhale is alive and well thanks to the announcement of Slumber Slayage as the second single! :tiffeyeroll:

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    2. KW.


      I'm aghast...

    3. SlayOut


      @KW. Omg same... As @korralations said above, it's really sad how people come into this forum thinking their statements or comments don't have consequence or impact. Yet, their racist, insensitive and discriminatory comments really do have weight, especially to those members that they're indirectly/directly pointed toward.

      I've reported so many folks on here for some really disgusting and racist comments they make about Beyonce or Jay-Z or (any Black artists for that matter) in their efforts to "throw shade" at those artists. It's appalling. And they think since they're on a stan forum that those comments don't have impact outside stan world. Well, what about Britney's fans that are POC, queer POC, etc.?

      It's difficult, also, to explain like you did in that thread that using the emotes are racist, since so many people don't understand what racism even is. Many members here are also international (and that's not meant to be derogatory) but race operates differently in the U.S. than it might in their respective countries... Some things are similar, but each country has different racial compositions and histories and formations that it's difficult and uncomfortable to have those conversations. It's then complicated by the fact that people here communicated over type, so they don't have a face-to-face discussion about why their actions (while unintentional as they may be) are racist, etc.

      So, I wish the admins and staff responded to those cases more, and also did something to change the atmosphere about race on the forum, in ways like you're suggesting (removing certain emotes), or being more aware and responsive while addressing it.

    4. A.D.


      @SlayOut it would help if the owner of this site actually didn't create those emotes in the first place. I'll admit I think I unintentionally made a few racist remarks about Beyoncé so I wouldn't blame you if you had ever reported me tbh. I do shade Beyoncé but it's usually her choreography style today (I promise to stop with the "her Superbowl performances are televised exorcisms" jokes) and the worst thing I've ever done was probably say she bleached her skin and kinda looks Italian/Puerto Rican. I'm also guilty as charged of having called her husband an "alligator" (not that I hate black men, black and latinos are actually my type :bootyney:...it's just that Jay isn't attractive from my POV) though I'm now sure it came off as an unintentionally xenophobic statement. That being said, I'm mostly positive towards her music despite having questioned whether she does it for artistic purposes or controversy. I shouldn't say this but in my defense there are many other members who are worse than me, who go as far as saying that she faked her pregnancy, make fun of Blue saying "she sure looks like Jay though" and call her Beyonce :sofedup: