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  1. Britney slayed Apple Music Festival and haters can remain seething while I enjoy a new 1080 HD performance!


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    2. Britneybbhmm


      Hey u flawfree bitches ^above^ 

      I didn't watch it:crying11:

      I can't wait anymore. When is it online?

    3. BreatheOnMoi


      Awww Slayout you weren't messy! I just love that there actual people here that saw what I saw of this amazingness that she delivered. I

      I got people coming for my neck for being positive, that Lilith poster will literally find any way to get me banned so i may done soon lmao, just giving you guys a heads up 


      and Yasssss you need to watch it! Idk when it'll be posted on YT but it streaming on there today, missed you


    4. ChrisTheLoner


      There was a stream on youtube for it which is how I watched it but now it appears it's been taken down :omg:

      Youtube is such a flop for doing that :(