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  1. Before POM ends, I hope she utilizes a professional hair stylist, makeup artist, and professional costume designer. Go out slaying, sis.
  2. lmao like what if their relationship wasn't determined by following each other on Instagram but because they actually enjoy being in each other's company in real time?
  3. Body Ache, Chillin' Witchu, Big Fat Bass, Don't Keep Me Waiting...
  4. And she can release the a 2018-version of the funeral Gimme More video and the original Make Me video!
  5. Because they ended it with Slumber Party!
  6. Work it, work it, Vegas watch me work, tap down that knee watch me tap it and werk it
  7. So she's not going to say "It's time to break the motherfucking ice" in Asia?!
  8. Hannah slaying again!
  9. Did Neyde invent Work Bitch?!
  10. http://www.breatheheavy.com/exhale/index.php?/topic/529659-explaining-the-name-neide-straight-from-its-origin/