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  1. @BreatheOnMoi
  2. Xtincta herself will present it to Britney!
  3. @Artsy Fartsy coming in clutch with those exclusivos! Slay queen!
  4. I wonder if Xtina will design Oreo cookie emojis?
  5. Exhalers are going to theorize that Britney needs to escape from the conservatorship since she isn't clued into what social media is.
  6. Perfect answer! I'm quivering! Ugh yaaaas! Hope your wig has a safe flight! Do you have the resources to purchase a replacement wig? We have a B-Army gofundme page that grants members money to purchase new wigs after they're snatched by Britney. Complimentary wig glue and styling is included.
  7. Shook!!! I just found that photo too upon you mentioning it! This hotel loves Britney! I know it doesn't have a theatre but what if this is the location of her next residency?
  8. So I think this may have been posted a couple weeks ago, but my story is cool and faded and thus makes it different enough to almost be an original post. AnTyways... I have a relatively new internship in West Hollywood, CA and there was the fun little mixer happening at this trendy hotel on Sunset Blvd. When my coworkers and I pulled up to the hotel for parking, I saw this: I didn't realize that I'd be in the presence of God, so I said a prayer (aka sang Gimme More) and then snapped this pic! Relevent queen slaying hotel billboards 20 years after her debut! None of the other pop peasants — I mean girls — were on billboards or the sides of hotels.
  9. Wonder why they didn't include Work Bitch feat. Myah Marie!
  10. Well I hadn't seen it before! Flop fan tbh.
  11. I mean me too but let's be real!
  12. Omg maybe that's why Britney has been silent on Instagram! Maybe her new creative team wants her posting only professional photographs and not flowers and mom memes!