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  1. @If U Seek Me Here is the secret project thread i thought was deleted! idk if you’ve seen it yet!
  2. Triple Ho Show begs to differ! We all know how much the song flew up the charts afterwards!
  3. Queen of doing the most for the Navy between eras!
  4. Making A New Britney Game Called...

    I like it! Bring it on hoes!
  5. A streaming force! Taylor is quaking.
  6. Yeah most of the young folks at the youth center I volunteer at watched the AMAs and were unimpressed with Xtincta’s performance.
  7. All our meltdowns will amount to something real!
  8. Maybe Columbia will release the original Make Me and Perfume videos!
  9. They were at a convenience store in Hollywood. How does their presence in a common convenience store correlate with them getting illegal/illicit drugs?
  10. Who's gonna name her next album?

    Sam will name B10... Lioness!
  11. I mean for someone to go from "Selena is a junkie" to "Britney doing fine" or "Make Me rose after VMA performance" is just... a mess.