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    Perfume NEW SINGLE "If You Wanna" out August 30th!!!!

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  1. I was never really a Linkin Park fan, but it's always sad when someone takes their own life If anybody here on Exhale knows somebody who's going through a hard time or has even the slightest bit of concern for someone (like something seems "off" or out of the ordinary) PLEASE don't hesitate to reach out to them to see if they're okay
  2. They have to pay for the extra batteries the mic will need since it won't be off for 95% of the show
  3. I voted for Perfume, but now that I read this, I have to agree with you
  4. I am so sorry for you're friend. I know it's hard, but I think its better if you break the news to her instead of her finding out the hard way Please be there for her
  5. It's that time of year again
  6. SPOT-ON description sis!!
  7. @I'mSoCurious is a girl but shes been at Chinese camp so she hasn't been on in a while
  8. The good thing about the breakup is that:
  9. 1) I love Perfume and I wanted my username to reflect that 2) Perfume has a song called "Electro World" that was turning 10 years old around the time I signed up for Exhale so it inspired me to use that as my username
  10. THIS. Maybe you're not craving sex in itself, but all the romantic things that sex is apart of. Such as companionship, cuddles, and just feeling connected to someone
  11. It's too late. The album was released almost a year ago with the last single being released 8 months ago. The Glory era has ended
  12. Stronger is more iconic but Overprotected is my personal preference