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  1. Til' It's Gone
  2. SIS YOUR AVI But anyway this pic shows off her eyes the best
  3. He means that the whitney meme is the new
  4. Is this true? Sounds like a real pain in the ass
  5. This one's my favorite
  6. " Don’t be shy, I have to keep at it
    Swing and miss, swing and miss, love in vain
    If I had just a little more courage
    Would all of this change ?

    Don’t be shy, don’t be shy, I have to keep at it
    These feelings strong enough to make me take a swing and miss
    Might surprisingly be just right
    I want to get there — love is leaning forward "

                                                                                     -Perfume, Koi wa Zenkei Shisei

  7. Such a bop
  8. Just Luv Me debut performance incoming
  9. 17, male, gay, USA Damn they have you guys here?
  10. You tried to make him play Greatest Hits: My Prerogative? jk sis it's a funny pic