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  1. Sorry y'all I had to
  2. I can see it on Oops tbh
  3. Wig is space with the ailens "But the staaAaAAArRrs in the skKkYYYyyyYYYy look like HOoOoOOome take me home"
  4. Why are they tweeting it like its a bad thing?
  5. I wouldn't worry, the show is too close for them to cancel now
  6. I'll be waiting for the release, sis!!!
  7. Always love watching this performance. So simple and amazing I wonder if she remembers this?
  8. You know I can't choose between my fave two songs off Glory
  9. YESSS I LOVE THIS SONG It's getting hectic in here, it's getting cha-ot-ic
  10. Britney's Dance Beat cover!!! Britney wins by default for all these looks, no questions asked
  11. Laughed at that SCREAMING Her own hometown
  12. It would look very cute and cool for Japan!
  13. MTE, Get Back would have been less successful than Gimme More because of that