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  1. I really like the new season so far. It's the first season without a supernatural villain and I'm surprised how good that works for AHS. 

    The "Horror" in this season is the tough reality. Like a leader using the exaggerated fears of Clinton and Trump supporters, promising it'll get better and give them the illusion of safety and power to build a cult of followers who are willing to do whatever their leader requires them to do. Yeah, I think that's pretty cool :verycool:

  2. 1 hour ago, asitalian12587 said:

    of course it was! it literally out grossed its budget by 5x. If it wasn't britney starring in it, it wouldve been labeled a success but since it was her first movie, the media had to try and negatively spin it.

    To be fair: Almost everybody (myself included) have seen it mainly because of Britney. She was one of the biggest celebrities back then (if not THE biggest) and I doubt the movie would have been half as succesful without her in the lead role. 

    Same with Burlesque - nobody would remember it if Cher and Chrissy wouldn‘t starring in it. 

  3. 14 minutes ago, zone said:

    Its really expensive tho, where are u from?

    Yeah that's also the point my friends made. But I don't blame them, I wouldn't spend hundreds of dollars to go see an artist I don't usually listen to either. And it's not like POM is THAT great atm and every nonfan should go see it :ohnoney:

    And to make everything even worse / harder: I live in europe, means the flight itself would be already hella expensive. It's frustrating :nyheadache: