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  1. On 4.12.2017 at 8:01 AM, Alexanda said:

    It's pretty much common in my country to drink first for something, it's a good thing for me because i tend to drink a lot until i'm drunk, it's expensive otherwise. :imok:

    Don't feel bad about it :hugs:

    Same. I don't want to spend 100 bucks for a few drinks that don't even have that much alcohol in it when I can buy a vodka at my local store and get tipsy without getting broke :groovin:

  2. 9 minutes ago, Dark.Knight said:

    I remember seeing somewhere that the original tour was supposed to be more of a post-apocalyptic (like the TTWE MV) theme, not sure if it was changed due to budget to because Enrique Iglesias didn't join on the tour as it was meant to be a 2-artists tour

    Right, I remember there was something with Enrique. And the theme would've been great :embarrassney:


    Also I have to put the whole Glory album on my list. It was kinda scrapped after a few months, so...:zoomzoom:

  3. 11 minutes ago, Dark.Knight said:
    • Femme Fatale tour original concept

    There was another concept? :omgreallyney: Tell me more about it 

    My Top 5

    • Original Gimme More video
    • Original Perfume video
    • BJ aka Blackout 2.0 :awks:
    • Original Doll
    • Desert performance (Not really scrapped because it was never confirmed but the meltdown was huuuuge)