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  1. 2 hours ago, ubritney said:

    I believe it’s Lady Gaga. The reason for that is that a rumor came out a few months ago saying Francis Lawrence (Slave video director) would be working with Britney and Lady Gaga in June and both their project had a different code name (I think they were Water and Flame?). 

    I totally forgot about that :ohdear:

    You could be right CFOtOke.gif

    I want to believe it anigif_sub-buzz-18584-1503946754-11.gif?











  2. Yes! I'm all here for IUSA 2.0 :madance:

    She should name it A-T-T-I-C. It's gonna be a fun bop about her favorite room in the house and the hidden message is she likes to be naked and show off her boobies while painting in said room. Iconic :crying1:

  3. It was one of those boring days were you sit at home and don't know what to do when suddenly the doorbell rang. I opened it and Britney stands there in front of my house looking like this:


    It was 2007/early 2008 and I just became a fan, that's probably the reason why she was dressed and looked like this, because I only watched a few music videos. I did let her in and offered her something to drink. She wanted a glass of water so I went into the kitchen to get her some and realised that's Britney f**king Spears on my couch wtf? :umomg:

    We talked about how cool she is and stuff and I showed her my little Britney collection which, by that time, only consisted of a bunch of CDs and DVDs but I was so proud and she was really into it.

    I asked her some questions about 07 but she didn't want to talk about it.

    At some point she got up, put music on and danced to BOMT in roller skates (idk why lol).

    After a few dance moves she said she had to go. I wanted to ask her if she could sign something for me. She said "Yeah sure" so I went to find a nice picture for her to sign. When I came back she was gone. I'm still mad at her. We haven't talked since.

    But it was a nice dream, my favorite so far. That's the reason I still remember it like it was yesterday :yasqueen:

  4. 19 minutes ago, ydmc said:

    I've always found Xtina to be very mean in general.

    She seems to have a very high opinion of herself.


    Oh I'm sure there was a time xtina was more full of herself than a matryoshka doll. She's a diva and has no problem to show that to the world but I think that rivalry between her and Britney was just some kind of immature "who is the best?" - battles through the years.

    Like siblings arguing who is mom's favourite you know? I don't think Britney and Christina have a problem with each other and I think if they would meet today they'd get along very well.

  5. 1 hour ago, ydmc said:

    It's funny, but I doubt it'll never happen, after all the filth Xtina has been spreading about Britney throughout the years...

    It's been a while since Xtina and Britney said "bad things" about each other. They both grew up. Something some exhale members (not you) still have to learn :shameless:


    I love the edit btw  :wigsnatched:

  6. 1 hour ago, soscary said:


    I was promoting piece of me music video at digital board of my class and some guy said louder that britney was hot but her fans are gay :lowkeyno:

    plus my teacher (will.i.am fan) was said in front of the whole class that she went to a concert that nobody knew the s&s lyrics, only the gays knew britney parts, and everybody laughed :ohdear:



    Your teacher is the one who should be ashamed because she went to a will.i.am concert :rlynow:

  7. I understand that she's "over" all that sh!t but how in the world is she okay with the way her hair looks? It's not that she has to look good 24/7 but how does that not bother her at all? I would go crazy with that mess on my head.

    It just makes me wonder, I mean when my hair looks bad I feel bad and dirty (not in a good way). When my hair looks good I feel good, easy as that :forkit: