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  1. ı am not lying you brainless brat, ı know that ı told you that "as if you are" could be used for some circumstances, it doesn't mean that ı don't admit my mistakes, ı admitted that ı should have used "were".you are the one who is lying because you said "'as if you are' made 0 sense in your context and that's exactly what I said", that was not "exactly" what you said, you did not say that it didn't make sense in my context.why did ı say that it could be correct if ı said it with different meaning?because ı said that photoshoots were done "for" magazines and you said that "to" was also correct even though "for" was more common.and you had corrected me before for saying "as if you are" and unlike what you say now, you didn't imply that it was wrong in my context.but you are too stupid to understand it so you concluded that ı made up excuses even though ı said that ı was not saying that it wasn't a mistake and that ı should have used "were".also ı've never heard/seen anyone using "to" like you did in that sentence and it sounds really really unnatural.maybe you are the one who doesn't admit mistakes?ı even did a research to see the differences between for and to and for is much more accurate in this situation. and ı guarantee you that ı would speak to anyone like ı speak to you anywhere if they speak to me like you do. ı don't cry over your calling me names, you say that ı am rude and ı explain why ı'm rude, you don't even understand that, ı am not surprised. you are slaying me by not understanding sh!t and talking nonsense? yes britney was famous and popular when she was pregnant and people talked about her a lot in 2005/2006/2007 but why would she want her fans to keep these photos as memory, so that they can jerk off by looking at them? if you do sexy pregnancy photoshoots, you will attract attention, everybody knows it, britney knew it too. and if you do a photoshoot with your baby it will attract attention because people are interested in seeing your baby, even if they don't buy the magazine they will see the pictures somewhere. we can see the photos without buying the magazine and if it is not an ordinary photoshoot (if it's a photoshoot with your baby for example) it will attract attention.and the celebrities who do those photoshoots know it and they get lots of money for this kind of shoots or sell the pictures of their child to magazines.it is not solely for fans. content of the photos is important than anything else here. and you are telling me that ı was shook to the point that ı had to downvote you, ı don't give importance to downvotes but it seems like you do since you felt the need to mention them in your post. ı didn't jump in to join an argument, ı saw something that bothered me and ı wanted to say whatever ı wanted to say about it, you know, in forums this kinda things are normal, you turned it into an argument. and ı didn't expect ıconicshow to defend me that's why ı never tagged him/her even when ı quoted you to say that it wasn't nice the way you corrected him/her.and how do you know that he/she believed it was written as "you're"?you don't care of course because you couldn't have pretended to help and couldn't have shaded him/her if you thought "maybe it is a typo?" it is not that ı can't thank you, ı do not thank you because ı do not believe in your sincerity, not even a bit.ı thank people when they politely help me, not when they arrogantly say that they teach me. why would ı avoid fronting a stupid kid who believes that celebs do sexy pregnancy and baby shoots only for fans without thinking the attention they'll get and money?do you believe in fairytales too?
  2. as ı said, social media wasn't as big as it is for a few years now and magazines used to have more impact than they do now. and the content of the photographs is important.if a celebrity does a pregnancy or baby photoshoot it will attract attention.or a photoshoot with the new partner/husband/wife for example. "Stop being a p*ssy and admit your mistakes without making up cheap excuses, 'as if you are' made 0 sense in your context and that's exactly what I said" another sign that you have comprehension issues, ı admit my mistakes without making up excuses, ı have to quote my previous reply and point out the part where ı said that ı should have used "were".maybe you'll understand it after reading it for the second time: "The mistake that the 'iconic' something user made was not clearly a typo hun, many people believe it's written as 'to' even tho I TAUGHT him that it's 'too'." difficulty in comprehending and reading properly + bad memory, poor you. if you were genuinely helping, you would not use a sentence that screams arrogance like "just to teach you another thing".you would just say "it is "your", not you're" or something like that.your attitude was not nice and you didn't sound like you were genuinely helping at all so no ı'm not buying your "ı was helping" bullshit.ı am not afraid of thanking you, ı don't believe that you were sincerely helping and ı didn't like the way you "helped" so ı don't thank you. if you read our conversations in this thread and the other thread (christina vanguard award thread), you'll see that ı wasn't rude until you started to act like an asshole giving me orders and ı started to call you names after you called me names.your bad memory is making you forget that you were always the first one who started to talk in a rude manner ı guess.
  3. if you really think that fans are the only or main reason why britney or anyone else do those shoots then you are really naive and delusional.and you even said that they do it so that "kids" can keep the magazine as a cute memory when most of them pose nude. another sign that you have comprehension issues or reading issues maybe, of course doing a photoshoot for a big magazine and doing a photoshoot for a who magazine are not the same but ı didn't compare doing a shoot for a big magazine to doing it for a who magazine, ı compared doing a shoot for a who magazine to doing a shoot to post it on social media.especially in 2005/2006, when britney did pregnancy and baby shoots, magazines used to have more impact.social media wasn't a thing like it is for a few years now. of course ı knew that you knew how to spell "sing" but like ı said ıdc since you "helped" IconicShow even though it was so obvious that it was a typo."to" may be correct even though it doesn't sound right to my ears but you corrected me when ı said "as if you are", we use was/were with as if when we talk about something unreal but we can say "you look as if you are tired" if the person looks really tired for example.but ı am not saying it wasn't a mistake since ı said "as if you are better/wiser", you are not better or wiser so yeah ı should have used "were".but still, you corrected me for saying "as if you are" and it can be used for some circumstances.and ı know that we use "were" with plurals, ı didn't pay attention ı guess.ı am not thanking someone who shaded a person when she/he clearly made a typo. "you don't even have the balls to write pu$$y, you have to write pu$$y"??? and you call me idiot...ı don't write pu$$y like that you idiot, the site changes it.did you really not realize that, you idiot?and you can be sure that ı would speak to anyone like ı speak to you in public if they are not nice to me.you are the one who called me "stupid", "idiot" etc first and you are the one who started to talk in a rude manner first ordering me to leave, remain in lane etc and before you started to act like an asshole the only thing ı said was it wasn't nice how you said "just to teach you another thing" to a user who simply made a typo.of course ı will be rude to someone in real life if she/he is being rude to me.and ı did not pick an argument with you, ı was the one who quoted you first but it is not picking an argument to reply to someone in a FORUM.starting to call someone names like stupid is picking an argument when the other person wasn't talking to you like that.of course ı won't be nice to you because you are not nice to me. you are not ruling sh!t, you don't even get what you read.ı say "beyonce does it for attention" for the photo she posted and then you say "you need to deal with the fact that she did it this year too", ı compare posting a photoshoot on social media to doing a photoshoot for a who magazine then you act like ı compared doing a shoot for a who magazine to doing a shoot for a big magazine...you don't even read properly so you are talking out of your ass so no you are still not putting me back at my place. "stop acting like I didn't thank you for correcting me"??? ı didn't act like you didn't thank me, ı said "do not thank me" because you thanked me, ı don't want you to thank me because ı don't correct you to help you and ı don't pretend to help.ı said "do not thank me, ı am not a pu$$y like you who pretends to help while shading someone for their mistakes" it shows that ı don't act like you didn't thank me. see?you can't comprehend even the simple things.so stop acting like you rule anything or you are putting me at my place when you don't even understand sh!t, you are making a fool out of yourself.
  4. the reason why ı keep rating you down is ı hate disgusting people making assumptions about a woman sleeping with someone to be famous. ı know this kind of things happen a lot but it is disgusting to talk as if it was a fact when you don't know if it really happened or not.ı know you said "unchallenged reign" and ı said "so successful" so what?ı don't have to use the same words with you, you would be right if ı said something so different than what you said but that's not the case.again, ı am not denying that jay helped beyonce or rihanna but he is not the main reason why they are that big.ı don't believe that someone can be so successful and popular because radios play their music more etc if they don't have the it factor or x factor or whatever.ı think that the main reason why they are huge is they do their job good and they have the it factor and then comes jay.ı know there are other artists that are good and still not as big as beyonce or rihanna but life is not always fair and not everybody gets what they deserve so...ı can comprehend very well, you say jay is the main reason why they are successful and ı say he is not.why would ı be overly emotional about something like that?beyonce and rihanna are not more than singers and performers whom ı enjoy their music and performances.ı will judge them when ı think they do wrong ı will defend them when ı think someone is being unjust to them.
  5. I've just read that thread, ı can't at her stupidity.when the others say that rapists/pedophiles/murderers should be killed or kept in prison for life without luxury, she says to those members that they would feel home in countries where people are severly punished even for cheating.wtf?as if cheating and raping/murdering were equally bad.and one can be against death wishes on INNOCENT people and can support death penalty for MONSTERS.rapists and murderers definitely deserve to die, ı don't think it is as half primitive as raping people (and animals) or murdering without valid reason.and honestly it would make me feel good if they were tortured before getting executed.they deserve to die in pain.
  6. ı agree but we also need a man rolling in the bed with her. ? left outside alone's video has a very different vibe than my prerogative.ı said it reminded me of the intimate collection commercials but now ı realize that it has a very dark vibe compared to the commercials, ı think the lingeries made me think that they were similar.but ı don't see any similarities between the two music videos except they are rolling in a bed.
  7. ı used to love her. can you or anyone link me to the thread where she said it? this, unless it's self defense. raping is the most primitive and disgusting thing to do tho.rapists don't even deserve to live, they won't change and they are danger to all people. @Damsel in Distress - ı had to take french for 2 years and ı didn't learn sh!t too and ı don't think ı will be able to learn it.maybe it's because ı don't like the language, learning english isn't so hard for me because ı am willing to learn it.
  8. it is wonderful and ı have been listening to it since childhoodnever gets old.
  9. ıdk which version it is but yeah the song has two official videos.
  10. and which song do you think it would fit?sorry ı couldn't edit my post.
  11. it is simple and sexy, ı think currentney would like it and it reminds me of the intimate collection commercials, they were beautiful.
  12. ı don't agree that beyonce's marrying jay is the main reason why beyonce is so successful, ı am not saying it has no impact on beyonce's career but beyonce is not only a good singer who has a good voice she is also one of the best performers (maybe the best) and you don't really know if rihanna slept with jay, he helped her a lot and there is no denying that but unless you have a strong receipt (you don't unless there is a leaked sex tape or a video where one of them admitting it...so yeah there is no proof) it is really disgusting to claim that they slept.things like you say happen a lot in the industry, ı know it, but you act like beyonce and rihanna don't have the potential, talent, charisma etc to be big in the industry but they have.