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  1. I would love the idea but it’s not realistic at all, she could be one of the performers but not a headliner at this moment, they would drag her for lip syncing. It would be way easier having her at the Super Bowl since the audience is broader than millennial festival-goers.


  2. She isn’t cool. Simple as that. And I dare to say she never actually was to begin with. When she used to be the it girl in the industry most of the public interest on her was based on speculation and rumors, she never was as interesting as the tabloids made her look like, she has always been an introvert with not many friends nor social life.

    The only Pop star who consistently keeps the GP hooked nowadays is Rihanna; she’s stylish, funny, likeable, smart, relatable and a cool girl all around. People see Rihanna and want to be her friend, she looks like an awesome person to be around while still totally effortless. Everyone try to emulate that, see Beyoncé for example, she’s been copying Rihanna’s appeal since 2013.

    Britney just can’t transform herself into that, it’s not her personality and she’s not even into the lifestyle Riri has. The only thing she could/should do to be more appealing to the masses is getting an image makeover, wearing some cool/trendy designer clothes (outside of her own house) that would keep people talking, getting a proper makeup artist and attending events. It’s not that hard. 



  3. I would love something dark, sexy yet classy, a moody album in which she could sound more mature and reach deeper in her demons while still being able to give us classic Britney. 

    The perfect look for the theme would be something like 40s/50s Hollywood bombshells but not bubbly like Christina's Back To Basics and not as overplayed as channeling Marilyn Monroe. Something like Dita Von Teese but effortless. I want a Black & White CD artwork and Circus' hair. Britney should stay in character by presenting herself as more mature, looking polished on red carpet events and investing in some couture gowns (I would love to see her in Zuhair Murad).

    Something like Blackout but with a Jean Harlow twist. 







  4. I feel like her brain blocks certain periods of her memory as a form of protecting her from triggers that could make her unwell mentally. There’s a name for that but I don’t know what it’s called on English.

    I think it’s probably it since I can totally relate, I had a fucking rough time during my teens, and for my recovery I avoided bringing up the past for so long that now when I try to think about it everything seems so vague and blurry, like I’m watching someone else’s memories. Mental illnesses are not easy.


  5. 3 hours ago, bbbitchme said:

    "Make Me..." debuted at number seventeen on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart, becoming her 34th Hot 100 entry and her sixth-highest debut, tying with Spears' debut single "...Baby One More Time".[36] It sold 96,000 copies during its first week:sneer:

    This makes me so sad, Make Me had everything to be one of her most iconic singles, It’s such an amazing song, everything was going fine until the mv fiasco.


  6. 1 hour ago, The Greatest Show said:

    lmao if Britney wanted to do more promo she could have. Her team probably realllly wanted her to do more promo. She could have easily said. "Hey Larry remember that ABC Special I did during ITZ? Book a venue I want to do that again with Glory songs. If we can find a TV station to air it great if not lets put it on Youtube as promo."  DONE. Do you really think her team is happy about her not doing proper promo??? If they could they would work her to the ground. She doesnt care and she doesnt want to do it. She hardly even talked about Glory during the promo tour.


    1 hour ago, Stifler's Mom said:

    true :groovin:


    - BBMAs

    - carpool karaoke

    - jimmy kimmel

    - jonathan ross

    - VMAs

    - BBC Radio 1

    - apple music

    - Iheartradio

    - jingle ball

    -Triple Ho

    (And I may have forgotten some)


    I can't with you negative hoes saying she wasn't willing to promote Glory when she promoted in a way she hadn't done since Circus. It's her team's fault not making the most of the many opportunities they had, not releasing the singles on the right time, coming up with a ridic video for Make Me. That's why there's things called marketing and management, which clearly isn't Britney's responsibility. As if artists like Beyonce come up by their own with the strategies for their albuns' promotion cycle. 

    Don't be dumb.



  7. 1 hour ago, BoyToySoldier said:

    Because I still get the feeling she’s just recording whatever sounds dancey and good to her. She’s not making much of a connection with the music, not since Circus has she had any sort of personal connection. You can argue with the Jesus songs from Britney Jean but she didn’t even finish recording them. She said it best herself during For The Record: “there’s no passion”.

    I really think she was passionate about Glory, the first times she performed DYWCO at POM slayed my life.

    I just feel like even herself gets frustrated at her own team’s decisions, she was probably looking forward to promote her new songs instead of performing 90s singles she is tired/embarrassed of.



  8. What if she secretly already recorded with Cardi and that’s why Cardi has been stanning so hard lately?



    The collab could actually work for her if we’re talking about a February/March release like someone brought up on Popjustice, it would be a good timing since Cardi is still hot right now. I just hope they’re not plotting a single together for late 2018, Cardi’s hype will probably be long gone until then.




  9. Latin =/= Race

    One can be Latin and still be white since most countries in Latin America were colonized by Europeans and are heavily populated by their descendants, it’s not uncommon being “purely” white in those countries.

    Interesting examples: Sofia Vergara / Gisele Bundchen

    - Christina isn’t mixed just because her dad is Latino since he is a white one.

    - Mariah is mixed like myself, she is white passing but identifies as black/mixed, which is perfectly acceptable.

    - Selena and Shakira are clearly ”latinas” when it comes to race since they most definitely have native blood judginrg by their natural features. Shakira didn’t use to look that white when she first came out, she has been pretty much white washed to please the industry. 

    - Italians, Spanish, Greeks, Armenians, Portuguese etc are just spicy whites 



  10. I’m an insider

    (jk, I’m just Brazilian) 

    Well, Anitta is HUGE in Brazil right now and her popularity is slowly reaching international audiences.

    She’s not incredibly talented or anything, but damn, she’s really smart. She’s been managing her own career for a few years and fighting for WW recognition, I used to doubt her a lot but girl has been delivering every damn time. She’s starving for success, and because of that I kinda feel like it actually could be a nice collaboration. Just search her on YouTube, many teen American vloggers keep making reaction videos about her stuff and it’s always positive, her music never disappoints, she is a great performer, she’s on Billboard giving interviews, she’s putting out music and videos in three different languages EVERY MONTH, it’s coming to a point international media just won’t be able to ignore her.

    “Na Sua Cara” with Major Lazer is one of the best singles/mv of 2017 imo by far, and just look at its numbers, pretty wild for a beginner. Oh, and her Spotify numbers are the kind of thing Britney should be aiming for right now, she’s always on the Global charts. 

    A collab with Britney could be interesting for bringing a different flavor to her music, Anitta can do a lot of different styles, something Brazilian-influenced would be pretty avant garde, If I’m Dancing 2.0, anyone? 




  11. I’m here for the makeover, she looked so much older and tired before it and is consistently look better lately, her nose and under eyes area are the biggest improvements in my opinionl. I just wish she would step up her make up game for the next era, that’s what’s matters the most when dealing with a woman her age.


    And she should start watching some YouTube tutorials too since she likes so much to make her own face when not on duty, lol, maybe with that she could rest the raccoon inspired eyeliner for once. :imok:


  12. I can definitely see another collaboration with Nicki coming since her team is so basic and likes to play it safe.

    The best option for a collab in my opinion would be The Weeknd, since he’s so amazing as an artist, has a great voice that would fit hers well and is respected in the industry.

    My dream collab would be Lana Del Rey lol, if Britney ever makes a dark/heavy song about her personal struggles there would be no one better for enhancing the vibe.