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    I would love the idea but it’s not realistic at all, she could be one of the performers but not a headliner at this moment, they would drag her for lip syncing. It would be way easier having her at the Super Bowl since the audience is broader than millennial festival-goers.
  2. The only video I want Sam in is a sextape.
  3. They already had a video together so the curse is still going, they’ll probably breakup before B10.
  4. She isn’t cool. Simple as that. And I dare to say she never actually was to begin with. When she used to be the it girl in the industry most of the public interest on her was based on speculation and rumors, she never was as interesting as the tabloids made her look like, she has always been an introvert with not many friends nor social life. The only Pop star who consistently keeps the GP hooked nowadays is Rihanna; she’s stylish, funny, likeable, smart, relatable and a cool girl all around. People see Rihanna and want to be her friend, she looks like an awesome person to be around while still totally effortless. Everyone try to emulate that, see Beyoncé for example, she’s been copying Rihanna’s appeal since 2013. Britney just can’t transform herself into that, it’s not her personality and she’s not even into the lifestyle Riri has. The only thing she could/should do to be more appealing to the masses is getting an image makeover, wearing some cool/trendy designer clothes (outside of her own house) that would keep people talking, getting a proper makeup artist and attending events. It’s not that hard.
  5. Will she move to London or NYC in 2023?

    But London is way too gray and cloudy, I can’t imagine her living there. Britney is a beach girl.
  6. I would love something dark, sexy yet classy, a moody album in which she could sound more mature and reach deeper in her demons while still being able to give us classic Britney. The perfect look for the theme would be something like 40s/50s Hollywood bombshells but not bubbly like Christina's Back To Basics and not as overplayed as channeling Marilyn Monroe. Something like Dita Von Teese but effortless. I want a Black & White CD artwork and Circus' hair. Britney should stay in character by presenting herself as more mature, looking polished on red carpet events and investing in some couture gowns (I would love to see her in Zuhair Murad). Something like Blackout but with a Jean Harlow twist.