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  1. Nooo everybody slays. That sweet dreams sample . I love outta this world too though, I wish Britney would do more spacey love songs
  2. Idk how to post it but that alternate blackout one where she's driving the car? And also there's a FF one that's all dark colors and I use that one.
  3. Was waiting for this gif. She really deserves more, honestly, esp in best dance recording
  4. i love brunnetney. I really wish she'd experiment with her hair color/ overall style more. on the choreography note, I still think revampney>mermaidney>brunette/redney>the rest of POMney and on another note: all these videos remind me how much potential POM had. I really wish she would practice/change stuff up more. She had the energy a lot of the time, she just didn't put in the work.
  5. I've heard of her not taking credit for stuff she wrote too
  6. The ending of the '00 vmas gives me chills every time
  7. YES justice for JLikeM
  8. I've been wondering this too. I heard somewhere that the ticket sales from this tour would push her past beyonce in the rankings for highest grossing touring female
  9. Aw don't let this thread flop
  10. Physically I just have glory, and I lost my old BOMT cd. I grew up in the digital age so I don't own anything physically, but I have all of BOMT, most of Oops, half of Britney, all of ITZ, BO, Circus, FF, BJ, and Glory on digital, as well as all the stand alone singles.
  11. It's Demi when she was like 6 lol. It's a contemporary Christian music video too if I'm not mistaken
  12. Same. I love her voice and wish she'd use it more. I love mariahs unplugged episode
  13. Off topic but Lexi's facial expressions are my favorite always lol and also: JUSTICE FOR MERMAIDNEY
  14. The dress was pretty, that look had so much potential