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  1. Kween of impact YASSSSS
  2. Idk why people want her working with Max Martin, he's past his prime. There are SO many better producers nowadays. People aren't here for bubble gum pop anymore. One of the reasons why Britney isn't successful is because she isn't reinventing herself like she always did in the past. She needs to find NEW producers, come up with a different sound, and reinvent her image.
  3. Yeah I know, but promo is promo. It worked out well for Miley, since she had one of the best selling albums of the year. Britney did virtually no promo and it shows with her sales. That's why RCA has nothing to do with this.
  4. So I just started watching some reactions today and I really liked these ones: Which ones are your faves? Any other good ones that I should be watching? Discuss