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  1. Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 5

    x1342 sorry
  2. Tbh the fact that you think it was pre recorded means she rly slayed So that's good I guess, slay Britney
  3. Ikr? I love Madonna but her fans are so embarassing, always coming for Mariah when she's far more superior vocally and bashing Britney when she's had nothing but respect for their fave
  4. Yes lmao, he's being clocked by the B army tho look at the replies
  5. I hope we see more of these random liveney moments
  6. same thing happened with me too, I was followed in other topics, quoted and tagged because I refused to feed them. But they're acting innocent all the time saying we've started drama first yet they won't stop mentionning and insuting us. Talking about hypocrisy...
  7. You kept posting after the first and the second warning tho, I didn't quote you but you did trying to start drama like you've been trying to for the past few days by bringing me up in unrelated posts, obsessed.mp3
  8. Thanks for proving my point, how predictable
  9. Something needs to be done about it, this isn't the first time a thread is ruined bc of them, several threads have been locked or deleted this week bc of the negativity. I mean you can clearly see their only purpose on this forum is to stir things up and start drama so the fighting and bullying can go on for pages. It's tiring, really.
  10. Not this thread being ruined bc of the same negative ppl again I swear you guys will never be happy no matter what Britney does, always nitpicking about everything.
  11. Omg Star searchney is that you? I love her natural tone so much she should use it more often. Btw how did Jordan get the info? Was it team B?