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  1. Not being bias but Britney deserves #1 tbh. Bitch has worked really hard for that body tbh
  2. I'm confused by how this thread has turned into how Britney looks rather than the original topic. Like get over it.
  3. This tbh. I'm not a Little Monster but I don't see the need to bring another artist down, especially someone who also adores Britney tbh. I know there are crazy LMs who say sh!t about Britney but we shouldn't stoop down to their level. Also - we even have Britney "fans" who say similar sh!t about Britney. These people are the real problem here tbh.
  4. There was a lot of buzz prior and during the release of Work Bitch. Everyone was hyped about it because she was working with Will.I.Am and that that the title of the song had "bitch" in it. Everyone wanted to know how it really sounded like. It was a typical Britney song. Very uptempo and back then EDM was still pretty big and current. Personally I think it's a decent song but the music video is really well produced despite the "more provocative" parts being cut out. Make Me on the other hand is so different from what Britney has done and I think due to the fact that BJ didn't do so well - many didn't really check up on Britney after the era. Make Me is so underrated tbh. The song is FAR from being boring . I think it's really timeless and I'm still not tired of the song tbh. It sounds SO SO good. I feel like it was sabotaged by the scrapped MV. Imagine having a great 1st single with a great MV - that would have at least helped a little bit tbh. Despite not having the commercial success that it deserves, MM is definitely one of Britney's best singles to date.