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  1. Make Me is so special to me too! It's just SO GOOD! I'm not sick of it tbh!
  2. I think I'm one of the few social media gays who don't see it that way... lol
  3. Her ONLY path to sucess is...

    Even if she sings live, she's gonna be butchered by the public. She can't never win tbh. Anyway maybe success to her right now is seeing herself happy and healthy, and doing the things that bring her the most happiness. I guess what you're talking about is commercial success? I think the Vegas Residency/Tour was a huge success tbh. As an artist, I think for someone like her who's accomplished a lot already, doing something to top yourself is hard but it depends whether she wants to do that tbh. I think fans just want her to be at the top of the again. I want that too but what can we do though? Just take what we can get haha