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  1. what about everytime , i run away , where are you now , hold on tite ? etc etc
  2. maybe they go for different audiences , i mean i cant relate to almost anything in 25 but i can relate to a lot of songs in red
  3. what its wrong with a country of 10 people ?
  4. my own culture ? mexico its big its not a country with 10 people like Spain , and here live people with a lot of traditions and cultures , tbh i never seen a person with that kind of clothes in a street but i know in certain parts they exist and im not ashamed of that , but we are more than just stupid guacamole and tacos , in any case why bothers you if i defend my rights ?
  5. maybe if she did what martin told her to do she will be still relevant
  6. im mexican the thread its about mexico do your maths
  7. tbh i dont care what you can say but racism , start with jokes the same with the homophobia
  8. what a way to make it about you
  9. i dont like to argue in this forum because people dont use arguments , but i guess every person with an iq above 60 can assume that this is wrong: all the black people are good at running and can sing and dance, and they dont know their parents all the asian people are chinese and are good in technology all the north-american people are stupid and rich all the mexican are brown and rapists
  10. latino and mexican its not the same im offended ,people think all the people here sing la cucaracha every night and use those mexican hats but i guess its okay , i mean people in the united states have the worst educative system, its not her fault to be so ignorant