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    Britney should perform HIAM again

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  1. Herumbra

    other 2003ney but 2018ney (EDIT)

    i guess this forum's making me meaner over time anyway i'm happy you like me now!
  2. Herumbra

    other Femme Fatale Tour could've been...

    POM is better than FFtour in almost every aspect. The setlist, the energy, we even had real live vocals on POM. Whoever said the shared tour with Iglesias was a good idea is retarded tbh
  3. Herumbra

    exhale KFed Officially Requests More Money From Britney

    He's such a piece of sh!t, i dont even know what to say
  4. Herumbra

    music Britney talks B10

    i want a surprise release yes, i dont want her building up hype and everybody's talking like its her comeback for the 8th time