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  1. Videos during the "Britney' album is the best.
  2. I do get annoyed by some delusional Britney fans as well. But lets stop kidding ourself. Britney fans doesn't go to any other page and start the diva war. There are some Britney fans who went to other star page and start comparing them with her, but the amount of Beyonce stans comparing her against anybody is just laughable and pathetic. Its like they knew that at the end of the day Beyonce isnt really that big of a deal, so they have to start a comment wars to make her name appears like everywhere.
  3. The greatest singer in American history. The quality of her voice, the control techniques she has is unmatched by anybody.
  4. The British music consumers has always been quite fond of greatest hits. Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Madonna, Celine Dion compilation albums all sells very well there. Anywhere if you look at Britney's numbers. As a whole she was pretty big in Europe, but her sales in the UK is just ok. She had a lot of big hits in the UK, but somehow it fails to translate into big album sales. Guess she was more of a single seller there in the UK.
  5. The only reason it is such a big huge hit, is because its a Taylor Swift song. She is still current while Britney is not. If Britney were to cover it, I have a feeling it would flopped like most of recent singles.
  6. I'm obsessed with this website. It looks really reliable to me. And you were right, the comments there is just insane. Beyonce stans are so desperate to prove to the world that she is better than anybody else. It really makes me hate Beyonce eventhough she is a really nice person. Her fans are just so annoying.
  7. That's why I said that she performs for herself not her fans. Celine Dion and Mariah Carey kept on singing the same old songs over and over again, because they knew that the fans came to their show to listen to their biggest hits. Not some unknown songs, that nobody really cares. It just disappoints me sometimes. Also, it would be fine if she were to charge low ticket prices. But then again her tickets are just ridiculous. When she came to Singapore (I'm from Malaysia, just across Singapore), I really thought I would finally be able to watch her live. But when I heard the ticket price on average was SGD 300 (Around MYR1,000) there is just no way I could afford it. The fact that she was charging crazy high ticket prices let alone, she doesn't even care what her fans wants her to sing, is just unacceptable to me. Having said that, if it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have love music the way I love music today. So I will still be a big Britney Spears fan no matter what.