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  1. Agreed. And I absolutely can't blame them for thinking that way. I just have a bad feeling the privacy thing will get even worse. I don't want to get off topic so I'll leave it at that.
  2. I really hope this case doesn't taint the cases of anybody else that's truly getting bullied through no fault of their own. And I'm afraid it will.
  3. I agree. I look back at my past and I know what I needed most of all was peace. Everybody should be able to live their life and not have to worry about assholes making their life miserable. Peace might be free but it's hard to get.
  4. But it's also part of the neutered system imo. I do feel like it's a case of reporting this sh!t to the school and you have x time period to get this sh!t straightened out, the parents have x period of time to get their brats under control. If the time period passes and sh!t's still happening, the kid should be allowed to defend himself or herself. I just feel like the ones that stand up for themselves will get in even worse trouble than the bully for starting this to start with. I don't feel a person can ignore bullies, tell them to 'leave me alone' and they actually leave the kid alone. I hate that it's a case of you're going to have to physically defend yourself in order to be left alone. The authority figures do the bare minimum with what I'm familiar with. And I'm not being catty with this next remark. I think we're in a world where privacy just doesn't exist anymore. And I hate saying that. Just feel it's true.
  5. They're emotional vampires and it's their feeding session. Doesn't matter if you cry in front of them. They can look at a person and see that the person will more than likely cry when they get home. And like you, I'm also frustrated that I didn't stand up for myself. I was afraid--scared I'd get in a lot of trouble for standing up for myself and scared I'd get my ass handed to me if I did try. I'd fight back now because I realize what I lost because of what I went through. And I'll be honest and say that even reading about bullying stories makes me want to punch my fist through a wall. It upsets me that much. Some people aren't fortunate enough to let this sh!t flow off their back like water off of a duck's back. Words tend to stick with some people for the rest of their life, especially if it concerns their looks. I don't think what I went through made me stronger. I think it made me very distrustful of people tbh. For the people not doing a damn thing to some of these people and it's like they put a target on your back. They have that axe to grind the second they look at a person.