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  1. Bold part: I admit some people do fit into that category. I stick with what I said about it being unrealistic for Britney to punch the clock and she looks like she stopped aging at how she looked at 23. And nothing will compare to how she looked in her younger years, whether she aged naturally or she had work done. BUT I can't say that for everybody. I just thought of an example of somebody I looked up. I love 80s music and seeing the "Hungry Eyes" video on MTV Classic a few night ago made me want to look up Eric Carmen and see what he looks like now. I wish I hadn't looked. It wasn't a case of expecting him to look like how he looked in the 80s because that's truly been so long ago. I just wasn't expecting to see what I saw. If I can look at Eric and literally say "Oh no." because he looks so drastically different, I can't sit here and expect the ones not living in the past/expecting the past to not be at least somewhat surprised by the work Britney's done. And for all I know, some of those people might've had the reaction I had towards Eric. Or maybe even some of them said/though "What happened?"
  2. I'm not sure what I want to say here. There's a lot of assholes online that are stuck back in 2007. I hate even saying this because I never thought VMA 07 Britney was fat. The costume wasn't flattering, just don't make it sound like she's 300 pounds dancing around in her GM costume. A lot of people still make fat cracks even though she's fit and toned. And of course there's still the bald jokes. But I guess overall I do see what some of the more genuine people are saying. Like you're saying, Britney's one of the few entertainers I've followed throughout her musical career. I hope that doesn't sound like creeper territory. All I'm trying to say is a lot of my favorite celebrities are old or they're dead, ya know? What I see of their career is mostly 'looking back through the past". I was with Britney from the BOMT days and seen the changes she's made. I guess I can see where it'd be jarring if you didn't follow her career that much and then you see a recent picture of her. Attitude would be "THAT"S Britney Spears?! What? " And nobody please think I'm insulting her. I stick by all the comments I've made throughout my posting history about looks. I don't think anything will get me swaying in the opposite direction.
  3. Like I was saying in my post, I expect photoshop. I'm just expecting somebody to shut it down and say "Wow, this doesn't look even look like who we were taking pictures of. We need to cut back some of this."
  4. I don't know where to start with this one. It's just my two cents, not trying to stir up s--t or anything like that. So there's my warning before I got into my thoughts. I'm not down on Britney for aging. It's completely unrealistic to expect Britney to punch the clock and stop aging at 23. I expect photoshop. So don't think I'm over here thinking that it shouldn't have been photoshopped at all. I just think it's a case where they did too much of it. I'm a Britney fan and if you had given me these pictures and asked "Who's this?" I'm gonna feel like an idiot because I wouldn't be able to tell you the right answer. I sure as hell wouldn't be saying "Oh, that's Britney!" But I also wouldn't be guessing Jessica Simpson either. Britney went through a 'looks like Jessica' phase during "Work Bitch" imo. There's parts of the video that she looks a lot like Jessica. I'm not into the fashion either. I'll be the first to admit I'm a straight female that's not a fashionista. I'm not the woman thumbing through the latest fashion magazines and wanting to try the new styles. There's very little that's caught my attention throughout my life when it concerns outfits. The two exceptions might be completely out there, might even get me labeled as having trashy taste. Anyway, here we go. I LOVE the costumes the women wore in "Showgirls". I honestly wouldn't be able to wear stuff like that. It just caught my attention to know that I liked it. I loved the blue jacket Elizabeth Berkley was wearing when she met Andrew Carver. I loved the "mirror" dresses that Elizabeth, Gina Gershon, and another actress wore. It'd probably be easier for me to name the costumes I didn't like since I love so many costumes from that movie. The second thing that caught my attention is during the time I watched "Quantum Leap" reruns. I loved the outfits Dean Stockwell wore during the series. My favorite piece was a silver jacket. If there's any QL fans on this forum, you'll definitely know the one I'm talking about. And if you're curious about the silver jacket, you can google "Dean Stockwell silver jacket" and you'll be able to see thumbnails without having to go to any site. A lot of these designs I'm seeing in this thread are just butt ass ugly to me. Only way I'd wear them would be if I got paid to wear them. I wouldn't wear them any other way.
  5. Blind Gossip: Britney and Kevin??

    I must be having a sappy day or something. That story sounds sweet to me. I realize a lot of people might think it's very strange to be scared of something like a squirrel, I honestly can't make fun of that. Whether the story is about Britney or not. I have a HUGE phobia of cockroaches. I have cats that are a great help in bopping the things so I can kill them. I'm okay if they're on the smaller side, they're down low and they don't fly. But the bigger they are, the faster they are, if they're in a high spot and they can fly...it's bad. And if one gets on me, gonna have to replace all the glass in the neighborhood because I'll be screaming loud enough to shatter all the glass. I would consider it to be a nice gesture to be helped with something I'm afraid of and not be laughed at and made fun of more than I already have about this subject. I realize it's ripe for the pickings since I'm a lot bigger than a damn roach. But this is a phobia I've had for as long as I can remember. And I feel for whoever the blind subject is about. It's rough to go through a situation where you think this is a person that's gonna be there for me through thick and thin and then they pull s--t that shows that it's all a facade. Still a winning lottery ticket to you and thought it was going to be different--that sorta thing.
  6. Least favourite songs from Blackout?

    Heaven on Earth is my least favorite.
  7. I feel like I might want to duck down to avoid tomatoes being thrown at me for this comment. I like Ashlee Simpson's music. Look, she's not Kate Bush. The reaction and bullshitting during the SNL thing was embarrassing and didn't do her any favors. But she put out catchy music and I enjoyed it. As for the original question, I feel we live in a world where being nice puts a target on your back. Doesn't matter if we're talking celebrity or the average person in the world. Nice = target.