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  1. Words can't describe how much I enjoy the video for "Outside". What a memorable video in so many ways! And not to mention I enjoy the song, same goes for "Freeek" I still can't believe he's dead. I know George had a lot of problems and for awhile there I thought the poor man would die in a car accident because he just kept having them.
  2. how? (face)

    I'll admit right off the bat that this might be a stupid question. If she had her veneers taken off and she doesn't plan on putting new ones on, why would that happen? Are the veneers making her real teeth hurt? Do they just feel weird and she's not happy about that? It just seems unusual if she's worn them since (when?) and she decides to take them off and leave them off.
  3. Am I the only one that thinks what he's saying isn't that bad? Especially that bottom part. They do put you on a pedestal, tear it out from under you, enjoy your downfall and then come kissing your ass when you crawl back up. It's sickening how it's done, I'd show more disgust towards the ones doing that than the ones openly talking about the shady business going on behind the curtain.
  4. how? (face)

    That really bothered me hearing that part. And wasn't there a part in "Chaotic" when she says she's ugly? I made a post about Christina's new look and I just want to reuse the bottom part of the post because I think it fits here too. For some of us it's like our minds are poisoned against us and even more so if we're in an environment that tells us we're never good enough. You need to do more.
  5. Pink’s Voice Sounds Incredible On Carpool Karaoke

    I'm so so sorry I have to do this here. I keep getting errors whenever I reply to your pm message. The song I mentioned was Billy Joel "Pressure" and I believe the one that mentioned the philosopher was Anita d*ck.