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    music Look at your YouTube subscriptions.

    It is real. Sadly, I remembered to take a screenshot when I had already clicked on the channel
  2. maquisl

    music Look at your YouTube subscriptions.

    You're right!! But i'm not sure if it means that a video was uploaded. I mena, I have the "1" next to a channel that was last updated 3 months ago
  3. I really can't believe that many of you are happy about the release of ANOTHER collab instead of a solo single... And with PITBULL We deserve the lazy Britney. This.
  4. Yeah, but when I noticed it I was too lazy to edit the post I totally forgot about Perfume and I love that song! Anyway, the year is the same so...
  5. maquisl

    rumor (RUMOR) IT'S MARIAH! the feature is Mariah!!

    Mmm... This sounds weird. I can't see them singing together But I'm here for it if Brit uses her "real voice" and not the baby voice (It's never going to happen but I can dream )
  6. 40k, the same as Hilary's BIBO. 50k if Im generous. Everyone seemed excited about Hilary's album and it was a flop (With little promo, I know) and for some reason I don't see much enthusiasm for Liberation.
  7. NO NO NO NO Brintey, please... Don't 1. IM SO F*** TIRED OF COLLABS (Her latest solo single was Work Bitch!!!!) 2. HE'S A S*ITTY ARTIST.
  8. maquisl

    music One of Britney's most under-rated Singles!

    I still cant believe that she promoted Pretty Girls instead of this gem