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  1. 1. The Beat Goes On 2. Stronger 3. Overprotected 4. Outrageous 5. Piece of Me 6. Circus 7. Criminal 8. Til Its Gone 9. Private Show
  2. It just didn't work
  3. ME TOO This season is so good too
  4. OMG I love everything about him his face, his sweet sweet ass, his body, his muscles, and i think he has a big d*ck. What do y'all think I would love it if he could f**k me really hard
  5. I only watch Bravo And I'm loving RHOBH and Pump Rules right now
  6. And Faded
  7. Non Glory Songs: IUSA, Boys, and Crazy I'm still digging Glory so I Love Better, Just Luv Me, and If Im Dancing right now too
  8. But Artpop and BJ both suck. And Glory is better than Joanne and idc about sales anyone with ears knows that. But TBH I feel like Britney is in beteeen the level of Janet, Mariah, Whitney, and Madonna and Rihanna, Katy, and Gaga. She's iconic but she's still relevant. So idrk but I think she's definitely most comparable to Mariah in terms of iconicness
  9. Beyoncé has Formation and Single Ladies as her iconic videos and the whole surprise release thing with Lemonade and her self titled was iconic but she's no where near as iconic as Britney is or was Rihanna's my second favorite and I love all her albums and I think she's really diverse she has reggae, pop, and r&b in her discography. But she doesn't have really any iconic performances or videos Katys a basic bitch who had her fame but I think she's washed up now and looks pathetic singing songs about an election from a year ago and nothing about her is really iconic Gagas okay and has the Bad Romance video and that VMAS performance and the super bowl but Joanne and Artpop were flops The only other iconic singer is Mariah she has 18 #1s, all her albums besides charm bracelet and glitter are great. Her voice is iconic, she has the diva attitude that sets her apart from others, she's got some iconic videos like Heartbreaker, and I don't think she's really comparable to anyone else besides Whitney