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  1. Mariah Carey Is Topless On Paper Magazine Cover

    She looks amazing. I love her
  2. JLo And Mariah Carey Are On Dual Paper Magazine Covers

    But Mariahs show is already over. I just don't think Britney is the type of person that covers Paper magazine. She doesn't wear all that stuff cuz she doesn't need to she's naturally beautiful. I think she likes doing covers like her Women's Health photoshooot.
  3. Which of the current pop Girls is your fav

    How Malibu went Top 10. And everyone loves it and Younger Now is going to be a hit after the VMAS
  4. Miley for sure in my opinion Malibu and Younger Now are 2 of the best songs released this year in my opinion and the Bangerz album and Dead Petz album are amazing too. I didn't include Katy or Gaga cuz they've kinda phased out (I still love Gaga tho), and I thought rihanna is now more r&b than pop.
  5. I want a mix. I can't imagine her not doing choreo for songs like WB, Womanizer, MATM, POM, GM, Circus, Toxic, and Slave. But for her midtempos and ballads I'd love it if she did something similar to Mariah and sing live and have the dancers Cary her around. For her dance numbers she should pre record her vocals and dance her ass Off but for her ballads and midtempos I want to hear her amazing voice.
  6. She killed it I'm so proud of her. I'm happy she's using her voice and seeing live and having a good time doing it. I'd love to see her do covers more often in her shows she's could totally kill a No Doubt cover or something. Queen of spontaneity
  7. Thankyou can u do this on ur phone or do u have to be on a laptop
  8. Such a good song. In really feeling this era her past 2 were amazing and I can tell this one is going to be great too. I might start stanning her as well TBH
  9. Top 5 | Britney

    Justice for Bombastic Love