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  1. You've obviously been watching too much real housewives but it's ok bravo is the best thing on tv I'm addicted. But Erika got her fame from a reality show Britney got fame for her iconic videos and talent.
  2. This would be amazing and all y'all know it. Ik we've had a lot of features but I'd die for one with Lana. It'll never happen because we aren't getting a third Single. But this would be so fucking amazing. Or I'd love it if Britney featured on her new album.
  3. I want her to collaborate with more urban singers like The Weeknd, Kehlani, Travis Scott, Bryson Tiller, etc.
  4. I wish their was more US Dates cuz I would've seen her if she came somewhere near me
  5. Such a mature and classy response from Iggy makes Halsey look like such an asshole
  6. Worst: Chilling With You, It Should Be Easy, Big Fat Bass Best: Toxic, Oops, Womanizer, Slave
  7. This. She has 18 number one hits she doesn't need to do a cameo in some stupid comedy anyways.
  8. I don't even want her to don't get me wrong that was an amazing era in her career but so was the Britney era, the circus era, and even parts of the Glory era. But I want Britney to reinvent herself, to try a new sound and style, not just go back to old ones
  9. Lonely, Bombastic Love, and What Its Like to Be Me are all underrated bops. And all the singles are some of her best work Slave, Boys remix, overprotected, I'm not a girl, her ILRNR cover is better than the original in my opinion, and anticipating slayed me. But why does this album not get as much praise as Blackout or in the zone or even glory. It's just as good if not better.