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  1. I can't imagine how ur feeling. My prayers go out to u. But the security will probably be so tight for any upcoming shows that I wouldn't worry. Go have fun!
  2. So scary my thoughts and prayers are with the victims, fans, and families What a sick world we live in, I will never understand why someone would want to harm others and specifically children who were probably most of the audience. When will we find out who is responsible
  3. Britney needs to just do a full era no matter what happens with charts/sales. Do at least 3 singles with 3 amazing videos. Do full out choreo and iconic performances. Even if the singles flop and the album doesn't sell well. At least she'll be making us and her fans happy. Britney's had the success and now she should just focus on her craft, experiment with new sounds/producers, collaborate with new people, and just have fun. I'd rather have another album like Glory with just more videos/singles than another album like FF (which I love) with hits where Britney isn't happy or into it
  4. I noticed that too. Maybe Britney just didn't want to
  5. I thought she did really good No Frauds and Regret in Your Tears are sooo good
  6. 1. Britney- Obv 2. The Weeknd 3. Mariah Carey 4. Drake 5. Ariana Grande 6. J. Cole 7. Nicki Minaj 8. Selena Gomez 9. Justin Bieber 10. Kehlani