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    I'mSoCurious reacted to Born2Die in Here's Christina Aguilera Dressed as a Cowgirl Wearing a Nipple Pasty   
    Santa that's my only wish...this year
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    I'mSoCurious got a reaction from SlayOut in Britney is a ISFP - Find out your personality type by taking this quiz   
    INFJ, I took it awhile back 
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    I'mSoCurious reacted to The Greatest Show in POM on the road again?   

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    I'mSoCurious reacted to it's so much Better in Rihanna Is Work, Work, Work, Working It On New 'Ocean's 8' Poster   
    btw awesome poster i am sooooo excited
    riri is such an incredible asset to the world
    music done right
    make up done right
    poems done right
    shes soooo good
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    I'mSoCurious reacted to breaktheiceofmrv in Why do people not like HIAM MV?   
    I only don't like the commercials in it but even that can't ruin an artistic video like this.It's very intense and tells a lot about her.The video and the concept is very aggressive and of course Britney is aggressive in it too.This makes me love it more!

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    I'mSoCurious got a reaction from jj_boha in Melanie Martinez Issues New Statement Denying Rape Accusations   
    Yeah, basically it does   I was confused when I read it too because at the beginning she said that something happened and she claimed that Timothy gave consent, but now she says that nothing happened at all. There's three sides to this story, Melanie's side, Timothy's side, and the absolute truth, which we will never really know. Right now, after this most recent statement, I'm still a little bit more inclined to believe Timothy, but I'm kind of skeptical.
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    I'mSoCurious reacted to Mona Lisa 2.0 in I just realized that I don't Hold On Tight enough   
    Hold on tight, Alien, Passenger and Don't Cry would be so good if it wasn't for the awful production and the Myah vocals ruining it 
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    I'mSoCurious got a reaction from HeavenOnExhale in Awesum! Piece Of Me hits 100 million views   

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    I'mSoCurious reacted to LostInAnImage in These New Shirtless Outtakes Of Shawn Mendes Will Make You Feel Things   
    He's a cute kid, but these pictures make me feel absolutely nothing, although I know I'll be in the extreme minority here. 
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    I'mSoCurious reacted to overprotectedd in Funny POM documentary names?   
    RICCUS: Road to Las Vegas
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    I'mSoCurious reacted to PokemonSpears in Funny POM documentary names?   
    Britney: Piece of Knee 
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    I'mSoCurious reacted to riccus in Sometimes I think she   
    she doing fine in the recent years but she has an obvious and unhealthy change on her personality. 
    She's saying that she got her hand mannerism because of her dad but people don't get these kind of manerism in their 20s. 
    I don't want to say labotomy or electric theraphy she was on some heavy medical theraphy for sure.
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    I'mSoCurious reacted to button in Have all eras ended terribly?   
    No album cycle ends with a successful single. The labels keep releasing singles until the streak of successes ends and one of the singles flops.
    And From the bottom of my Broken heart was actually a massive seller. It's the 8th best selling physical single of the 2000s.
    They didn't release more singles from her debut most likely because they wanted to push a new Britney album and cement her before bubblegum pop starts fading and Britney with it.
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    I'mSoCurious reacted to Brad Adamson in Have all eras ended terribly?   
    Yeah. The only difference now is, they all start terribly too. At least we used to get a good era before things went bad.
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    I'mSoCurious reacted to Fenixxx123 in Exclusive: Post POM plans revealed   

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    I'mSoCurious reacted to Tear the floor up up in Exclusive: Post POM plans revealed   
    I remember when I use to assume Radar Online was a Britney fan site  
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    I'mSoCurious reacted to I Always Sing Live in Exclusive: Post POM plans revealed   
    The comments are cancer as always but tbh I'm more annoyed by the people that call her "Brittany" than the ones that say she's mental.  
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    I'mSoCurious reacted to Urbanney in Exclusive: Post POM plans revealed   

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    I'mSoCurious reacted to BoyToySoldier in A Grindr story to exhalle   
    When even THE GAYS don’t know you have a new album out. 
    Get to work, bitch @britneyspears
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    I'mSoCurious got a reaction from jennyj in Taylor Swift working on a Slave 4 U remake   
     x100. Slave is iconic, please don't ruin it. 
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    I'mSoCurious reacted to Urbanney in Hi y’all   
    Needing some love and support rn. Ended things with a guy I’ve been seeing for a while now 
    How are you doing? What is going on in your life? 
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    I'mSoCurious reacted to I Always Sing Live in What Tours Have You Been To?   
    Ah, you've seen Britney live! Still need to check that off my bucket list someday at least! 
    Lana sounds f*cking amazing, that's one I wouldn't miss if she'd come here! Bruce though, I've honestly never given him a serious listen... I should though! 
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    I'mSoCurious got a reaction from I Always Sing Live in What Tours Have You Been To?   
    I've seen Britney at POM, I've seen Bruce Springsteen twice on the River tour and once at Springsteen in Broadway, Billy Joel twice at MSG, and Lana at Terminal 5 in NYC, but I don't think it was for her LA to the Moon Tour.
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    I'mSoCurious reacted to Pinky98 in Sam is film and driving   
    However Britney said herself that there were like 50 cars of paparazzi following her while she was shopping/getting coffee and they were getting very rowdy so she just wanted to get out of that situation as quickly as possible. Plus she didn't have a bodyguard with her. Therefore I can put myself in her shoes and say I probably would have made the same decision if I was that fearful of a group of men trying to force me to talk to them, take a picture, etc all while I had no protection and a newborn in my arms. There was a lot more to that story that the press didn't speak about