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  1. He has a sizable fan base between the "emo teens" and Broadway stans. They would buy and stream the sh*t out of anything this man puts out. Plus he's crazy talented and would work so well with Britney
  2. Slave 4 U is vevo certified!

    About time...
  3. POP EMERGENCY: BURNS is working on B10!

    It might be wishful thinking, but I think it'll happen and I'm already shook
  4. Song lyrics

    I'm not much of an lyricist, but I've have a lot of inspiration lately. The song came to me in the shower, so I decided to jot it down and see what you all think... It's kinda cheesy, repetitive, and short (plus Hong Kong doesn't exactly have a poetic sound to it), but I want it to be a minimalistic song. So feel free to critique
  5. Song lyrics

    Melody wise, I was thinking of something like St. Vincent's New York. Actually, that song is the inspiration for the motherf*cker line because the person who my song is about is a big fan of her Idk, I was scared about flying to Hong Kong and I remembered my crush telling me not to worry. I guess it just started to flow from there.