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    Drew Barrymore, SNL, Kendrick Lamar, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Lana Del Rey, BSB, Eminem, NSYNC, Friends, Bruce Springsteen, and Britney Spears (duh)

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  1. I wrote another :crying1:

    “Beyond Reach”

    It is my instinct to go beyond reach.
    To do against what they all preach.
    For your love, is what I beseech.
    Alas, your love is way beyond reach.

    1. Iced Tea

      Iced Tea

      Amazing! This totally seems like something Britney would post on her website back in 2005 

    2. I'mSoCurious
    3. Electro World

      Electro World

      Kinda reminds me of the song Unreachable by Ashlee Simpson. Nice job!