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  1. “Dreamer’s way”

    One can dream, dream of true love.
    The lover that is sent from above.
    As a dreamer, I dream of you all day.
    But sometimes life doesn't go the dreamer’s way.


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    2. BritneyJeanSpearsOfficial


      You Slay ME SO HARD SIS :crying1: 

    3. Iced Tea

      Iced Tea

      out-wrote Katy's entire discography :uknowit:

    4. Iced Tea

      Iced Tea

      You did a genuinely good job with this, I see the dreamer as someone who places a huge emphasis on love, and has an ideal image of a lover (sent from above), but knows it will never be a reality (life doesn't always go the dreamer's away). I want moreeeee!