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  1. 9 hours ago, maquisl said:

    Well, I'm not a musical expert but I can hear the similarities between both songs, especially in the chorus.

    But the thing is... If she didn't copy the song, and she wasn't even inspired by it, why does she offer them 40% of the royalties? :tiffeyeroll:   Let's be honest, nobody would ever give away 40% of the profits of something original without a reason. By saying that, I think she subtly confirmed she did copied Creep.:beysip:

    Get Free is a meaningful song to Lana and us, her fans. She very generously offered 40% so Radiohead could get off her back so she could focus on her tour.  Lana cares about the music, not the money. The only similarities I hear are in the melodies of the pre chorus, but Radiohead can't claim ownership over similar chord progressions. There needs to be substantial similarities, not just a similarity between the two. :lollistare: plus, Radiohead was sued for the exact same song by the writers of The Air That I Breathe by The Hollies and the writers won  :tiffcackle: The whole thing's so messy, it's hard to understand because most music plagiarism cases are legally unpredictable. In this case, Radiohead has very little evidence that she did copy and asking for 100% copying a song they don't even fully own is hella greedy. :yesokay:

  2. @Jonghyun your life is so precious. Don't end it. Love sucks when people take advantage of you, but if you pull through, there's going to be your perfect boy/girl that loves you unconditionally and respects you for you :bigkiss: if you ever need to talk, we will listen because we are here for you in the dark even when it seems like there is no light to be found. 


     Sorry, I'm getting all preachy. I just watched a really good movie called Dial A Prayer that kinda deals with stuff like this :lollistare: