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  1. Idk honestly as soon as you hit your twenties, age difference isn't the worst thing (unlesss they are younger than you). I wouldn't date anyone below 18 maybe just a year or two younger (depends on the age of consent). For older guys maybe no one 50, 60, or 70 because that's just kinda creepy... :gross:



    Unless they are sugar daddies :quirkney:


  2. 2 minutes ago, SlayOut said:

    Yes, the Marina stan I met told me to listen to FROOT and Electra Heart, and I was automatically slayed by Primadonna and Lies! :foh: I hadn't listened to FROOT until...

    ... I saw that both of you recommended Solitaire. My wig may or may not have levitated. :queenflopga: I listed to some of the other songs on FROOT as a result, but was kinda dozing off so I didn't get the full impact. :queenriri: I'll have to re-listen.

    That's what seems to be the universal tea! :rihclap: Maybe she lurks on Exhale... :verycool:

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    Dear God I hope she doesn't. :meltdown: 


    Primadonna Girl and Lies are my two favorite songs off of Electra Heart :urite: Slay that great taste!!

  3. 12 minutes ago, Brichney. said:

    I didn't say all, I said the Psychos who happen to be either Jewish or white males. The males running everything are either white or Jew, that's a fact. I wasn't doing that to offend. XO

    True, but they can be Christian too. In fact the majority of high powered celebrities are. :lollistare: Either way it's okay, as long as you weren't blaming a certain trait, such as cheating, on just the Jews (that would be anti Semitic). You're too nice for that though :urite:

  4. 14 hours ago, Brichney. said:

    and/orJewish PSYCHO men running the industry's egos.

    I agree with most with what you said, but just because Harvey Weinstein and a couple other Jewish Hollywood producers are alleged sex offereders doesn't mean that all Jewish men in the industry are psychos.Why did you even bring religion into this? 

  5. OP, there are a lot of dedicated fans on this website that don't criticize Britney's face or her looks. We talk about her performances because we want her to be better; it comes from a place of love and admiration. :donewithit: Sure, there are a few people that can be a little extreme at times, but the majority of us congregate on Exhale because it's separate from the world that doesn't understand us. For a long time, it was a safe haven and I made a ton of friends by talking about Britney. :giggleney: 


    To sum it up, we all have faults and so does Britney. Members point them out because they care. :lollistare:

  6. Sadly that is the only M&G. If you think it's worth it, then just remember to be super calm when you meet her. When I went, I got those standing floor seats and stood on the line early and was able to get all the way to the front. I was super close and it's cheaper than a M&G, but you don't get to meet her. For hotels, I stayed at Planet Hollywood where she has the residency. There are many nice hotels on the strip very close to the theater, but the cool thing about Planet Hollywood is that they have a lot of cool Britney stuff there like hotel key cards :giggleney: Good luck and have fun when you do go!! It really is a great live experience!!

  7. I'm trying to find out if a girl is gay or not :calculating: I'm not interested dating her, but it's possible. I shouldn't judge by her clothes (her Birkenstocks, her mom jeans, her nose ring), but she makes a lot of jokes about being a lesbian. Plus, I swear to god she was low key flirting with me the other day. 

    I think she's really nice and pretty, but I mostly like guys. I just have a crush on another girl, who is absolutely amazing. :giggleney: