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  1. Lana loves Britney. I need a collab
  2. How old is "too old" for dating?

    9 years is nothing. Age is just a number
  3. Current Mood

  4. Britney's New Era (B10+)

    Well guys this time POM is ending for sure (at least I hope it will). We know she is capable of dancing well and we know she can still sing live. She doesn't have to do both simultaneously. With a great album, great promotion, and great performances, she has a shot
  5. Nintendo Switch

    No but my sister really wants one. Apparently they are hard to get in my area Have fun!!
  6. Kinda ruins the song which is a shame because I love it so much. Even if it wasn't about him, somehow my mind will forever associate him and his disgusting actions with this song. Either way the p*ssy line is still iconic
  7. How old is "too old" for dating?

    Idk honestly as soon as you hit your twenties, age difference isn't the worst thing (unlesss they are younger than you). I wouldn't date anyone below 18 maybe just a year or two younger (depends on the age of consent). For older guys maybe no one 50, 60, or 70 because that's just kinda creepy...
  8. Marina and the Diamonds

    Primadonna Girl and Lies are my two favorite songs off of Electra Heart Slay that great taste!!
  9. It's kinda sad to imagine spending the rest of your life with someone and it doesn't happen
  10. Make Me Original Video =\= Seeing the light of day
  11. True, but they can be Christian too. In fact the majority of high powered celebrities are. Either way it's okay, as long as you weren't blaming a certain trait, such as cheating, on just the Jews (that would be anti Semitic). You're too nice for that though